A Multipurpose power pulse generator capable of driving Tesla Coils and other high power coils. Comments and questions for DIY Power Pulse GeneratorThe information provided here can not be guaranteed as accurate or correct.
Please note that this is not a permanent magnet but a pulsed magnet and as such the polarity is not an issue, when the pulse collapses the magnetic field reverses. 2) In the original Beck based designs the flash tube heats and develops some resistance so you need to have enough time between flashes for them to cool down. Specifications: Completely fill tape spool with #14 or 16 enameled copper magnet wire (130 to 160 turns) wound onto the 1" dia. NB Please make updated schematics to make the magetic pulser oscillating wth 5.000 hertz or similar. Photos with basic electronics info related to the construction of Chris Gupta's Electromagnetic Pulse Machine can be found on my web site.
Anybody who can send me the Schematics of 240 will be wonderfull. Bob Davis of "I have built a super thumper with 4,000 uF of capacitors" please send me the Schematics as the link you gave doesnt work. Can someone send me schematic drawing of the 240V autopulse circuit. Also where can I purchase a circuit board for the bob beck blood zapper.
Thank you Chris and all of you who posted here with info and questions that help me understand what I need to do to build one of these. I am in process in building one of these and was looking for good Magnetic Wire - its very expensive. If you really want to tackle a serious health related problem promptly, you should not waist time with experiments such as with a self built magnetic pulser designed by Dr.
At that time the East Germans developed strobing magnetic devices to counter the atmospheric frequencies that were putting people to sleep.
This unit quite simply can generate high current pulses of variable frequency and pulse width. The main high voltage front panel on the box has sockets for HV DC output, an internal HV pulse discharge capacitor, and an internal spark gap. This device is based on the Homemade Tesla Coil project and uses an improved version of the ignition coil driver circuit to generate high voltages. Incidentally you cannot pulse at 5000 Hz at the powers here unless you have a humongous power supply!
I have an eye Irritation & the Rife Doug coil was Not helping that Is why I was using the magnetic pulser It was the only thing I could figure out what to do without putting Electrode pads on My eyes which I though might get burnt doing that, the magnetic pulser did Not hurt My eyes but I got carried away & zapped My head & neck too but I seen Robert Beck do that too.
Bob Beck - with all the hassles and questions of the unknown - you can buy today an affordable scientifically developed quality device. Bob Beck developed the "Brain Tuner", a small portable device which balances the electrical activity of the brain.

Bob Beck found that drug and alcoholic addicts were able to get off drugs in a couple of days without going through all the known withdrawal symptoms by treating themselves with the "Brain Tuner". Bob Beck early years he built "crystal operated radio receivers" for the neighbor's kids and during university time Dr. Bob Beck watched the Los Angeles Olympics on TV, he saw thousands of flash lights going off. Bob Beck realized that the lymph system is more extensive than blood vessels and can hide viral infections and so re-infect the blood.
Bob Beck gave presentations at different health shows and handed out a booklet with the title: "Take Back Your Power".
Bob Beck protocol uses three units: The Silver Pulser for Micro pulsing or blood electrification as well as making Ionic Colloidal Silver, the magnetic pulser for lymph and tissue electrification and the water ozonator for freshly ozonating water. Bob Beck's research and experiments were fascinating for the public, but did not succeed with the rigid health system as we know it. Bob Beck became known for his 'self-health' protocol; an uncomplicated electronic therapy that was discovered to stop the replication of the AIDS virus. Bob Beck never planned to sell such devices; he wanted to give the public an idea that it was possible to cure yourself of diseases without feeding money to the expensive pharmaceutical industry. Bob Beck said 'managing' he meant the long tail of steady income for the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, medical insurance companies and health care providers, while curing a patient meant a lost customer.
Bob Beck came just in time, since the drawbacks of the allopathic health care system converted the attention of many people to natural health therapies such as magnetic pulsing. Bob Beck was granted in 1947 his first patent for his 'Electronic camera flash attachment' which was the driving force for a magnetic pulser with the intent to 'zap' e.g.
A switch allows power to be sent to external coils for low voltage applications, or the internal ignition coils can be powered for charging a large HV pulse discharge capacitor. The high current pulses from the Lead Acid Batteries makes the signal generator unstable in the original design.
This adds to the already copious data on the negative harm from EMF (Electro Magnetic Radiation).
He tried to solve the problem with a magnetic pulse generator, inducing micro currents of electricity to specific body parts. This device is capable of powering a multitude of experiments and is great for any researcher experimenting with pulsed power or resonant applications. However I have also a magnetic waist belt that I use against my skin witht he pulser on the other side.
Did I use too much power Sota specifications show they use 600 uF capacity at 330 volt charge which equates same power If Not My magnetic pulser having less kick.

Bob Beck bought some of these devices and tested them in his newly set up bio feedback workshop. I hasten to add that power is not the be all and end all, indeed, it is quite possible to design very effective low power pulsers with exceptionally fast pulse rise times that can surpass the performance of even the most powerful pulser.
One can further reduce the cost if at a latter date you don't want to upgrade to auto pulsing. Bob Beck worked on a series of classified projects for the government and in particular with low frequencies around the globe. Bob Beck's systems (using electrodes placed over 2 arteries) sent micro currents of electricity into the blood, without invading the body.
This circuit can be found on the DIY Devices Page and is titled Signal Generator with Pulse Width Control. Need to have some professional attention to this method of inhansing the pulser to penitrate deeper .
Bob Beck noticed a very low frequency of 7.25 Hz was resonating in this area and he believed that the Russians were behind it, communicating with submarines.
It has been long known amongst alternate energy and electromedicine researchers that very high speed pulses have the ability to tap into some form of radiant energy that is generally not recognized by mainstream science. He uses a microwave transformer and 700volts, the apacitors look about as big as coke cans.
Bob Beck designed a small low priced magnetometer that could detect those frequencies much better as the existing device. Bob Beck saw in that "empty glass bottle" the future of photography, while his mother seemed angry at his purchase. Devices with very weak but high speed pulses in nanosecond range have been build and efficaciously used by NASA engineers. Bob Beck learned the trade of glass blowing and in the last semester of university, he sold his "low voltage flash cube" patent to Ed Wilcox for $ 500. It can be connected to the Power Pulse Generator by a jack plug on the end of the cable from the unit. Also I noticed that after 30 to 40 pulses the coil gets so hot that its impossible to hold her in the hand.
During the first tests it magnetized the shadow mask of my monitor from a distance of more then 6 feet.

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