While snowstorms are a common occurrence in many areas during the winter months, blizzards are a rarer occurrence.
It is not suggested to go outside during a blizzard as it increases the chance of hypothermia, accident and death. If you need to travel by car in an emergency during a blizzard, you must have an emergency aid kit which should contain water, jumper cables, road flares, tow rope, non-perishable snacks that should help in case you get stuck on snow or your car breaks down.
In order to adapt to living in blizzard prone areas, the people of central Canada and mid-western USA build their homes with sloped roofs in order to avoid accumulation as the snow instead falls off. Blizzards can cause car accidents and people can also get stuck on highways in their cars if they happen to be on the road when the blizzard hits.

When transport routes and shops close during a blizzard there is a chance of food and water scarcity if the blizzard lasts for an extended period of time.
Even after the blizzard has passed it can take days for a city or town to get back to normal.
As well as being life threatening to humans, blizzards are also life threatening to animals. In order to adapt to this, people living in areas prone to blizzards often plant wheat crops in the winter months.
During a blizzard, the temperature is often below 0 degrees, because of this frostbite and hypothermia are common.

Often children who are caught outside their homes when a blizzard begins have gotten lost as a result of the blinding snow.
In the United States, blizzards occur most frequently in the Plain States, the Northeast, and on mountain tops, although they can occur almost anywhere that gets snowfall. If warm air rises up a mountaintop it can cool as it rises, forming clouds and blizzard snows.

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