The dramatic images in the gallery below represent a tiny bit of the damage Hurricane Sandy caused in New York and New Jersey. Even back-up power supplies can fail, however, as occurred at the New York University Langone Medical Center in lower Manhattan as Sandy swept over the city. Equipping a high-rise with a generator would generally mean finding space outside to put it, said Joanna Rose, a spokeswoman for Related Companies, which owns a number of luxury residential towers in the city.
Unprepared CityfolkPeople in New York may not have the same sense of vulnerability as residents in parts of the U.S. City regulations only require buildings such as hospitals and nursing homes to have emergency generators to keep things running, said Tony Sclafani, a Buildings Department spokesman.
The blackout forced the staff at the 705-bed hospital to carry patients down stairs to the street where they could be taken to other facilities.
Hurricanes, fires, blackout in new york city 2012 or something other type of scenario chemical snap lights are a convenient solution gear failure. REVIEW The evening of July 13, 1977, will be remembered as one of the worst in New York City history, a catastrophic electrical blackout that plunged an already-weakened city into terrifying anarchy. The blackout was caused by a series of lightening strikes which took out electrical substations along the Hudson River. Up at the World Trade Center restaurant Windows On The World, patrons were initially stunned, seeing whole areas of the city disappear into blackness.
Blackout is an intense experience, throwing you immediately into the dark evening with a sense of dizziness that many New Yorkers must have felt that evening.
Today is the tenth-year anniversary of the Northeast Blackout of 2003 which shut down power for most of New York City (and much of the Northeast) for almost 24 hours, with some areas experiencing outages well into the second day. Le Burger Bistro on Madison Avenue follows the inspiration of many by turning the blackout into a business opportunity.

A sense of free-for-all reigned in many areas of the city, inspiring looting sprees in areas where law enforcement was stretched thin and electrical security systems failed.
The International Herald-Tribune shares details of the blackout with its international audience two days later. And finally, a couple pieces of video footage from the blackout, the first some raw video (with intermittent sound) with the fire department battling blazes, the second a newscast from WABC You can find more pictures on the blackout in our 2007 post, recognizing the 30th anniversary. For more information on the 1977 blackout, you can listen to one of our very first podcast — believe it or no, Episode 5!
In looking around for information on the blackout yesterday, I stumbled into one of my favorite sites Snopes, the debunking place for urban legend and Internet rumors.
Forty-five years ago, during the 5pm rush hour, the entire American Northeast and parts of Canada were attacked by Unidentified Flying Objects from outer space who used their intergalactic powers to cause an electrical blackout that kept New York in the dark for ten hours.
Facts, of course, reveal that the blackout was actually caused by an electrical surge from the Robert Moses (!) Niagara Power Station that overloaded neighboring power lines and automatically caused electrical power interruptions throughout the region.
Believe it or not, almost all those trapped in trains and elevator shafts had been freed by midnight, and the city met the darkness with little looting or violence, especially notable considering the mayhem stirred by the disaster known as the blackout of 1977. One component that the ’65 fiasco had over the other blackouts was a rise in UFO spottings throughout the Northeast, including many in the city. And to learn more about the blackout and the summer of ’77, check out the wealth of info at the Daily News , the New York Times and lots more links at Gothamist.
The hottest day in New York City history was on July 9, 1936, where it reached a staggering 106 degrees.
Maria Wilson, 65 and retired, relies on an electric wheelchair and has been stranded in her 11th-floor apartment at 401 Second Avenue since the blackout began. By 9:36 pm on July 13, 1977, the entire Con Edison power system for the city shut down, the devastating endpoint of a chain reaction which began with a lightening strike at an electrical substation 40 minutes before.

Director Godfrey Reggio was in the city at the time and included some of his images in the atmospheric Philip Glass film.
One hundred and forty-nine years ago today, the Civil War Draft Riots began, an even greater city-wide trauma that lasted almost a full week. They have quite a selection of articles relating to New York City history, dispelling local myths and pointing out some of the city’s crazier moments.
Nine months after the Blackout of 1965, the birth rate in New York rose suddenly and drastically (apparently thanks to all those dark bedrooms) with hospitals filled with expectant mothers. The New York Yankees began wearing their now-signature pinstripe outfits because of the great Babe Ruth. The outage rolled through northern states and eastern Canada, arriving in New York just in time for rush hour sometime before 5:30 pm. The 1965 event was perhaps more in line with the blackout of 2003, which lasted well over 24 hours in many parts of the city, but resulted in no significant spike in crime.
Some naturally theorized that the bright orbs seen in the sky might have caused the event; major newspapers speculated on it, and advisers to even hinted at it in updates to the White House. The blackout created a sort of delirium; trapped in hot apartments, people wandered outside and heard the sound of smashed windows, neighborhood stores under the threat of looting.
Federal Emergency Management Agency will be sending 1 million meals and 1 million gallons of water to help seniors stuck in high-rise buildings, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a briefing late yesterday. People come out to see the heavy surf that was caused by Hurricane Sandy, on October 30, 2012 in Cape May, New Jersey.

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