American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack ' told in real time, over 10 days, by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. Experience an American Blackout in this immersive interactive site that leads you through a catastrophic blackout over ten days. See the trailer for American Blackout, the story of a national power outage, told by those who kept filming on cameras and phones. When you're struck by a blackout, brownout, or sudden power surge, follow these tips to safeguard your home's electronics and appliances—and your family—until the lights come back on.

A blackout comes with no prior warning, happening in an instant and plunging you into darkness without a moment’s notice. With ongoing reports in the press that prove power cuts are a real issue, this article looks at some key steps you can take to ensure you get through a blackout with minimal hassle.
Sometimes, there is not always a quick fix for re-illuminating your home or business premises when a blackout occurs.
Ensure you have a readily available and well stocked supply of dry food and water to ensure nobody goes hungry or thirsty during the blackout.

Communication within your building and also to the outside world can be very difficult in a blackout, and this lack of communication can cause panic.

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