The CamaJe Bistro, in Greenwich Village, is unlike all the other entries on this list—the restaurant is lit and the patrons experience darkness by wear blindfolds. This event raises awareness for the blind, with a portion of the proceeds going to specified blind organizations depending on the city they are servicing. I understand that the California blind or dark restaurants show you the menu prior to entering the dark room. Not coincidentally, it is also the world’s first restaurant with an all blind waitstaff. The dark restaurants would definitely push the senses, especially the taste, to a different level. Most dark restaurants employ blind waiters, offer a single set menu, and ban anything that could give off light (like cigarettes, cell phones and cameras) from the dinning area.

Both retain the friendliness and unpretentious atmosphere you’d expect in a restaurant opened by a clergyman. By the time we left, Tertulia's tiny spot on 6th Avenue showed us once again how incredibly resilient, creative and proactive New Yorkers can be.
Compared to the other dark restaurants we review on this page The Dark Side in Melbourne, Australia is less about trendy eating and more about fun and rowdiness. Thanks to one of our readers, Tom, who brought Tel Aviv’s Blackout Restaurant to our attention. SPOTCOOLSTUFF Travel reviews unusual hotels and restaurants, great attractions, cool travel gear, places with amazing views and all manner of travel destinations with a WOW!
No word on whether the last person to vacate the restaurant was asked to turn on the lights before he left.

The funds raised will help the chefs rent a food truck, which they'll take turns driving to the city's hardest hit places, bringing a little of their kitchen expertise to those who need it most.
All three are among the world’s most expensive dark restaurants (the set meal is $99). The popularity of the food propelled the restaurant to open branches in London, Moscow and Warsaw, with further expansion plans in the works. The combined cost for a theater ticket and a three-course dark restaurant meal is a mere 180 shekels (about US$43, €33).

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