All of these disasters might have been avoided with properly maintained standby power systems in place. Standby generators are available in a variety of sizes to power critical needs or your whole house or business.
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, ERCOT, is the system operator for the bulk transmission grid in Texas. That means shutting off power to designated high-volume customers are paid to be dropped in this situation.

If ERCOT does nothing, excessive power demand could bring down the entire power grid, leaving much of Texas in the dark. While CenterPoint Energy says it will attempt to limit the duration of each outage to less than one hour, having a standby generator means your power won’t be out for more than 30-seconds–the startup time for your generator. Menlo Energy Economics (MEE) is a consulting firm serving the electric power industry worldwide. This entry was posted in Our blogs, UPS systems and tagged standby power, standby power system, standby power systems, UPS systems.

But, if that doesn’t reduce enough demand to the grid, rolling blackouts are the next step. Because they’re fully automatic, once installed, you’ll only know there’s a blackout if the lights go out at your neighbors’ houses.

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