GTS of Anaheim, California is a partner company with Xenon who is well known for making OEM quality body kits. These GTS Black Out Covers for our shop Challenger SRT8 are hot off the assembly line and definitely one of the best new Dodge Challenger upgrades introduced earlier this year. Made from composite materials, the GTS Black Out Covers offer style and protection from scratches, rock chips and weathering for expensive headlight and tail light assemblies.

Before you remove the tape, test-fit the GTS Blackout Headlight Covers for the Dodge Challenger on both sides.
The GTS Smoked Fog Light Covers (also called blackouts) for the Challenger offer stylish, aerodynamic, custom-fit protection to enhance the look of your Challenger and protect your expensive fog lights.
The durable, acrylic construction of these smoked fog light covers is strong and lightweight.

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