I made blackout lining with thermal lining fabric, so that we could watch TV in that room during the day, and as a stop-gap just added it to the back of the existing curtains by hooking it onto the reverse side of the drapery glides. The small window drape I made and lined with RocLon Budget is for a child's bedroom (see pic below). After this bedroom toile drape is complete, I will move on to another bedroom which needs a new drape.

To install the Universal Liner on a Pinch Pleat Drape simply use the loop fringe on the back of the liner, and hang using the drapery pins being used to hang the drape.
Do you need darkness during the daytime Keep sunlight out of your bedroom so that you can sleep longer or help boost room temperature regulation with Ultimate Grommet Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Liners.
The blackout curtain liners are designed to meet white backing window requirements that are standard in condo communities as well as other housing facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and hotels.

These blackout curtain liners are machine washable making them ideal for every room in the house.

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