The theme of this year’s NCAI meeting was “Tribal Governance for the Next Generation.” With that theme in mind.
All of these advances have resulted in a little-known consequence that also advances tribal self-governance – the BIA’s reduced workforce from around 17,000 employees in 1981 to around 7,500 employees today. But in terms of moving tribal self-governance forward for the next generation, “we’ve got a lot of challenges,” Washburn said.
Self-governance is a founding principle for CATG and is deeply embedded in our founding documents and underpins all the work we do as and organization. The CATG Natural Resources Department is leading self-governance for non-BIA programs across the country through two ground breaking annual funding agreements.

In 2004 the CATG Natural resources department was the first Tribal entity in the country to negotiate and secure a self-governance agreement with a conservation unit.
In 2011 the CATG Natural Resources department was the first Tribal entity in the country to enter into a self-governance agreement with the BLM.
The BLM AFS agreement is considered the model non-BIA self-governance agreement in the country. The convention’s theme prompted him to review what’s been done so far under the Obama administration to advance tribal governance and what remains to be done.
A major victory is the growing masses of land the BIA has taken into trust for tribes, despite the Carcieri ruling, Washburn said.

With in the natural resources department we use the concept of self-governance as the corner stone for all the work we do. The goal of our work is to empower the people of the Yukon Flats with skills and tools to execute self-governance over the resources that sustain our Traditional and Customary Use (TCU).
As of 2013 there are only two self-governance agreements between the USFWS and Tribal entities.

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