Obviously, if you’re at home, your first resource will be the food you have in the house plus anything you can scrounge up locally. If you’re going to be relying on your rations for a week or more, it’s good to have something tastier and with a better nutritional balance. Building an emergency pantry is one of those lifelines that takes both time and planning to make it fully functional.
To store emergency foods that will not require refrigeration, and should require little electricity or fuel to prepare. Use this list as a starting point on beginning or extending your preparedness pantry- and don’t feel handcuffed to only stocking up on these items. We never know when disasters or emergencies may strike, so why not be prudent and be ready for them before they affect our livelihood and well being.
However, I also have pudding, jello, popcorn, instant potato flakes, hamburger helper, tuna helper, ramen noodles, etc. This is for the food snobs that are concerned with the oils, as well as those overly concerned with having candy for your kids. I’m about to download this list and see what I have that is on it, and what I need to get. This is a great list, I know GMOs are horrific, but non gmo foods are harder to find and more expensive. In a survival situation, you DON’T want to control your weight, those fats that a lot of people avoid were once incredibly important to the survival of our species, and will become so again once food becomes scarce, and more so if money becomes useless.
My brother and I have this conversation a lot, and while your list is good, it touches on one of the topics we are concerned with, nearly 80-90% of your list requires, water to prepare. Buy what you can afford.  Can and dehydrate your own foods (some of the extra liquids from canned foods can be used to rehydrate other parts of your meal).
I’d be better off with 5 acres of land in a mild climate with plenty of water than to stock up on processed foods.
While you peepers are fighting over what food you thinks best, I will be helping myself to your pantry.
The chances are that after three or four hours without food, you’re starting to wonder if there are any decent snacks around. These are pretty notorious and have plenty of derogatory nicknames – Meals Rejected by Ethiopians, Meals Resembling Excrement, Might Regret Eating- you get the idea.

Ideally, you want to store shelf stable foods that your family normally consumes, as well as find foods that are multi-dynamic and serve many purposes. Always keep your family’s food preferences and dietary needs in mind when investing in your food supply.
Most people these days do not have a sharp enough sense of smell to know they’re in trouble with rancid flour till they get a whopping case of IBS. If you think humans can be trained to stoic boredom because of an emergency, you’re wrong. But, if they want to track you down, there are other things that have to trigger it, anyway. If the shtf your belly and your kids bellies would just want any kind of food, they wouldnt care if it was from Dollar General or Whole Foods.
What you need in a crisis, as well as in daily stressed out life, is the most nutrition dense food possible.
That said, any prepper who is planning for a short or long term emergency should have water stored. Personally speaking, I would have a two week supply of water stored up for an emergency regardless of what area of the country you live in.
Some of the foods that should be getting put back against want already *are* medicine which is adequate motivation for even the laziest of us to educate ourselves about their use.
So long term storable foods that keep us calm and satisfied is what we should consider the most suitable.
If the situation goes on longer than that you’re probably going to have to hunt and raise some crops, but growing vegetables takes time and hunting might not always be possible. MREs are long-life, come in a durable package and have a much higher nutritional value – especially calorie content – than the survival food supplies. It would be extremely advantageous to have a two week supply (at a minimum) of these shelf stable food items on hand to care for your family.
Refined foods and foods that are corrupted with toxins or GMO will sooner or later take their toll on your mind and body. So a lot of what you suggest will be quite useless unless you have stored massive amounts of clean water.
This week I’m availing myself of youtube and other video sites, whilst we still have them, for instruction on how to make quickie space heaters, using some of those candles and low-grade oils we found on sale with cans, flower pots and other items found in most households.

They have a long shelf life and are often advertised as being enough to feed you for a long time – from two weeks up to six months or more. Best of all, these items are very affordable and versatile, thus making them worthy of being on your storage shelves for extended emergencies. I use homemade toothpaste without fluoride, but if I were to run out, yeah Id use Crest in a pinch until I could get my hands on the good stuff. Further, many of the canned goods can be home canned and that could supply some hydration during an emergency scenario. I do have to make most of my own from scratch but it has been a great experience that I have enjoyed. I make my own peanut butter with a food processor to avoid the soy or canola oil in commercial butters.
Almost all of these packs are based on large cans of freeze-dried foods and, while the serving count might match up to the claimed number of months, it’s unlikely you’ll get anywhere near that long out of it. I personally have a hefty store of various spices, although I have never put them in a valued order. No one can be expected to be good (or especially sensible) at *everything.* The trick is to recognize when a thing is not our strong point and follow through with seeking help from someone more knowledgeable before a real emergency arises.
You could save an extra stash of canned food and keep it for times when you really need it, but even cans have a limited shelf life.
It would also help reduce the flame content of these comments, although I suppose it would have been hard to anticipate such a reaction. So while you are correct about eating foods that build the immune system, the kids have got to have something to satisfy their Junk food Jones. I have done the research.  I am very aware of the fake organic companies and the good non-organic companies.

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