New York better get ready for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch because it’s just a week until Samsung’s next big thing arrives and its unveiling will happen in the Big Apple.
Now, Samsung has already occupied Wall Street with its huge billboards on Times Square calling New Yorkers to “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy.”Just as the press invites we saw, these billboards do say this is Episode 1 of Samsung Unpacked for this year.

The company has so far held such Unpacked events for its biggest launches for devices from the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series.Once again, let’s remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be unveiled in New York in exactly one week on Thursday, March 14th.
So far, expectations are for a 5-inch 1080p device coming with a Snapdragon 600 chip in the United States and an Exynos one for the rest of the world.

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