When caring adults better understand their students, they are more prepared to help students know themselves—and what really motivates them to do their best. Research results connect sparks to confidence and creativity—yielding students who are ready and willing to be engaged and challenged.
Each kit offers age-appropriate lesson plans, posters, and other items that lead students to identify their interests and collaborate with peers in developing their sparks.
Packed with water, meal bars, ponchos, matches, and much more, these kits offer a convenient measure of preparedness, which the region is woefully short on.

And even though American Preparedness is seeing a sharp rise in sales, the uptick in action isn’t universal. Only a quarter of Seattleites are putting together an earthquake kit and building a family plan, says Barb Graff, director of emergency management for the city. To really sustain and spread an interest in preparedness, however, the Pacific Northwest will need to do more than stock earthquake kits. Igniting Sparks offers practical yet fun tools to help students tap into their unique talents and interests.

Students write about their sparks, identify role models, and learn how to connect their aspirations to improving their communities and the world they hope to live in.

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