Based on these policies, each individual enterprise within NEC formulates specific policies to guide BCP development according to the characteristics of the business. Each participating division compiled the points of improvement from the training drills into reports, and held follow-up meetings to make improvements.Internal auditIn fiscal 2012, NEC conducted internal audits of all BCPs that have already been completed and put into operation. BCP Asia's team of "international" trainers is equipped with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, combined with highly relevant skills on various disciplines. The guidelines were distributed and communicated to all BCP formulation personnel, including BCP Promoters and BCP Developing Members. In fiscal 2011, overseas subsidiaries continued to formulate other BCPs for natural disasters and similar events. Countermeasures were discussed after launching BCPs, gathering information on damage at an alternate office, and escalating information about the situation to the response headquarters in Japan. The number of BCP formulation personnel with whom know-how and information have been shared in this manner has surpassed 2,000 individuals among the NEC Group.con03Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)From fiscal 2008, NEC has phased in the creation of BCPs for earthquakes by all business divisions at NEC Group consolidated subsidiaries in Japan. In addition, in fiscal 2009, we began working to obtain third-party certification via the BSI (British Standards Institution) standard BS25999-2, primarily in businesses where BCP creation is required by customers worldwide as a precondition for doing business.
Attendance at the training is important although it is a big help and most candidates of the examination adopts the course-followed-by-examination route. The BCP 501 is an express business continuity planning course designed for experienced professionals in business continuity or disaster recovery planning.
DRI Singapore's Corporate Training Program aligns your training needs with your business continuity goals and objectives.
All courses on the current curriculum are available for delivery as a part of a Corporate Training Program.
Singapore training has an additional half day Q & A revision session to ensure participants have sufficient time and study for the qualifying examination. This was confirmed today by the Singapore-based audit and certification firm Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), which performed the stringent process of verifying BCP Asia’s effective transition to the new international BCM standard. Ideally training and professional accreditation is one of the best solutions, it helps professionals broaden their horizon about the topic through their networking with other professionals and help them gain more insight about the topic. Training and testing usually shows how serious an organization is about its business continuity plans.  Due to the resistance factors to new projects, business continuity plans might just end up as a document on the shelf that is never used or looked into.

Revise and raise the effectiveness of BCPs throughout the NEC Group (both in Japan and overseas) based on issues highlighted by responses to the earthquake disaster and other developments. Having trained in locations such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi , Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Australia, BCP Asia trainers are very knowledgeable of the latest industry trends and best practices, the varios risks and concerns in various regions, and the specific needs of different businesses and organizations.
Through these and other measures, NEC worked to share information on the BCP formulation process. In March 2012, in order to verify and familiarize personnel with the actual procedures, almost all overseas subsidiaries conducted training drills on the escalation of information about the status of damage envisaged in their disaster scenarios to their respective response headquarters in Japan.con05Monitoring and ImprovementDivisions formulating BCPs upload formulated or updated BCPs to the management site of a dedicated website.
This lesson is designed to assist the student in developing the elements of a BC training and awareness program that will create and maintain organizational awareness and enhance the skills required to develop, implement, maintain, and execute all Business Continuity initiatives. Our training supports your program development, team building and awareness efforts through the delivery of a globally-recognized education provided by the certification leader in business continuity.
Training courses and in-house programs in other cities in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and Asia are held at request. As for the benefits of attaining an ISO22301 certification, Henry explained that for BCP Asia it means providing quality services to their clients.
In addition, the safe culture and the lack of exposure to disasters might encourage organizations to skip testing and training which might be considered as a disturbance to normal operations and an unwanted task.
Also, service providers and third parties should be part of any organizations business continuity testing and training to help define expectations and outcomes from both sides. They also face threats from recent events including the outbreak of the Ebola virus, including in the US, increasing natural disasters, and protests in Hong Kong. Continuously improve BCPs and BCM activities at NEC Corporaton and its subsidiaries in Japan based on issues and measures arising from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The internal audits were conducted from the viewpoint of verifying the proper implementation of business continuity management (BCM).When implementing internal audits, NEC selected a total of roughly 200 internal auditors for each business unit and subsidiary, and provided training for these individuals through internal audit seminars. The General Affairs Division confirms the uploaded plan, and provides feedback to the division that formulated the plan when improvements are necessary.Furthermore, the divisions formulating BCPs prepare implementation reports after conducting training drills and internal audits, and upload these reports in the same manner. Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte Ltd (BCP Asia) reiterates its position as the region’s most trusted and reliable “Business Continuity Management (BCM) partner” as it becomes the first training and consultancy firm in Asia to be certified for ISO22301:2012. BCP Asia is committed to prepare all businesses for the unexpected, and increase resiliency and developing the minds of individuals by enhancing their knowledge and awareness in BCM.

Review and improve BCPs that have already been formulated and conduct BCM activities at overseas subsidiaries.
In fiscal 2013, NEC will continue to implement specific improvements to BCPs based on the results of this review. In the morning, first-response training drills were conducted all at once, including assembling key personnel, establishing a response headquarters and escalating information. There is also BCP-501 which is a 3-day course and meant for people who have been in the industry. By providing the training at your location, our discussion of best practice, trends and standards is presented in a familiar context without the distraction of travel or other agendas. By cooperating with other corporate staff, the Division provides assistance with any issues that cannot be solved at the business division level.Internal BCP formulation guidelines for NEC were developed, covering know-how related to plan development along with disaster scenarios.
Bringing DRI training to you and your team allows business continuity planning training in an environment delivered in coordination with your company's values and culture. DRI Singapore’s Education Department can tailor a training program to match your organization's needs either by adapting an existing program or by developing a new one. The internal auditors performed the internal audits by reviewing related documents and interviewing relevant personnel using implementation guidelines and check sheets prepared by the General Affairs Division.BS25999-2 certification gainedIn fiscal 2012, NEC underwent testing for 1 additional BCP, in addition to ongoing testing of 56 BCPs certified in the previous fiscal year. Part of corporate training is to accentuate your workforce's core knowledge and learning processes while reinforcing company vision and ideology. In 2010, BCP Asia moved our Hong Kong branch office to China and formed BCP Asia (China) Co., Ltd. With an office in Shanghai, BCP Asia aims to reach out to the escalating need of business continuity services in China and Hong Kong, and providing a closer-to-home service to the mandarin speaking professionals.

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