The contents of your travel first aid kit will differ significantly depending on your potential activities planned during your travels. Zip-Lock or other resealable transparent bags make excellent travel first aid kits as you can see the contents inside and they can be molded to fit into your luggage or day pack. If you plan to be travelling to more remote areas or away for longer durations, we recommend adding additional items to your basic travel first aid kit by building an advanced travel first aid kit. In addition to an emergency first aid kit you will need some equipment and medical items to help deal with health and hygiene issues during your expedition. Until last month, no official standard or specifications existed for motor vehicle first aid kits in Britain. Car and vehicle first aid kit plays a vital role in case of accidents or medical emergencies.
Small first aid kits are suitable for motor vehicles with 1–3 passengers, such as motorcycles or coupes.
Other than the contents, the new UK standard also specifies the materials for the first aid kit containers, including locking and storing instructions. While it is important to have first aid kits in motor vehicles, one should also be aware about how to use different items that these kits contain. The following are guidelines for different circumstances in the period following a fire: Go to a designated public shelter if you have been told to evacuate or you feel it is unsafe to remain in your home.

Contact your local fire department, health department, or forestry office for information on fire laws. The contents of a basic travel first aid kit need to be enough to satisfy your day to day requirements for problems that travellers often experience. Whilst some of these items are covered in other areas of this website, we have included it here with the first aid kit to ensure both lists are considered at the same time. People would buy any good looking, portable first aid kit for vehicular use, or store some basic first aid items in a container that could be anything from a lunchbox to a toolbox or even shaving pouch. The quantity of the first aid kits would depend upon the size of the vehicle and the number of people using it. Medium kits are recommended for vehicles with 1–8 passengers, such as cars, minivans, taxis, etc. If you are a workplace boss, running a demonstration or drill involving first aid kits wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Take your disaster supply kit, lock your home and choose a route away from the fire hazard. Write some notes on a piece of paper and keep it with your kit if to remind you if needed.Keep some of the packaging that has instructions for you, if they are consumables you don't use frequently or not familiar with. The British Standards Institution (BSI) has filled this gap in vehicular safety by introducing BS 85599-2, the new standard for motor vehicle first aid kits.

The BSI standard also includes guidelines for motor vehicle categories and the recommendations on the type of first aid kit that is to be used for different types of vehicles. It is still not mandatory for motorists in Britain to carry first aid kits in the vehicles, but many of the new vehicle models now come equipped with first aid kits. Before BS 85599-2, the new standard for motor vehicle first aid kits in Britain, the selection of items for the car first aid kit depended upon some vague recommendations from the NIH or a few self-promoting articles by first-aid-kit sellers and manufacturers.
Apart from providing guidance, the new standard will also build awareness about the importance of having first aid kits in motor vehicles and improve the safety in general. Survival in a Vehicle This is dangerous and should only be done in an emergency, but you can survive the firestorm if you stay in your car. Thankfully, that confusion is over, as BS 85599-2 clearly specifies the contents of cars and bigger vehicle first aid kits.

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