The Office of Emergency Services offers free training in emergency preparedness to anyone who lives or works in Berkeley. When minutes count, you’ll be the person to give the necessary aid to a family member, dive buddy or co-workers, before Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrive. The Emergency First Response (EFR) Primary and Secondary Care course is an accredited CPR and First Aid program that helps divers advance their knowledge, providing the skills they need to potentially save a life.

The course is not limited to scuba divers, and is available from your local PADI Dive Center or Instructor. While the material taught in this course is serious, it’s taught in a positive, upbeat environment. By inviting friends or family members to sign up with you, those you care about the most will be better prepared in case of an unexpected emergency.

Just as with your PADI scuba courses, you’ll get to practice each skill until you feel comfortable.

Risks assessment
Disaster meals
How to get involved in community development
Disaster recovery business continuity audit program


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