Everyone was caught in a surprise by this super One Night typhoon wherein the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA have not exactly forecast its forthcoming and have fore warn the public, thus so it goes, Ondoy stealthily creep in and pour its fury in just one night where everyone is not expecting its forthcoming and escape or slide away after it devastate too much the Luzon part of the Philippines. This super typhoon also marks a history in Arayat Pampanga Philippines wherein for the first time the town of Arayat have experience a landslide which killed 12 people brought by the typhoon Ondoy. Typhoon Ondoy or so-called typhoon Ketsana which was internationally called caught the Philippines at the night of September 25,2009 which reveals its deadly fury the morning after and which caused 464 deaths in the Philippines which up until those who have been hit and traumatized by this typhoon still felt the pain it cause them yet still some never leave their own devastated homes rather they renovate them and added another floor on their house to get ready for another Ondoy in the making in the future.

For the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA still could not have such high-tech facilities that could predict another Ondoy because as they complain, according to the reports, there is no too much funds allotted to them by the government and some high learned officials of PAGASA were resigning and transferring into another country because the salary in PAGASA is just low or minimum for the important service they give to the public.
This is just one disastrous effects of the super typhoon Ondoy,for there are a lot of stories to tell like the Philippine celebrities Christine Reyes and Jean Garcia whose house were devastated by the typhoon which cause them to be stranded on their own respective homes.

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