But backburns can spiral out of control.- Bushfires have killed more than 250 people in Australia in the last 40 years. The booklet offers practical advice to farmers and rural landholders about the precautions they should take to minimise the risk to their property and what to do if bushfires should engulf them.
The report by the Environment and Natural Resources Committee of the Victorian Parliament Inquiry into the Impact of Public Land Management Practices on Bushfires in Victoria, July 2008, lists twenty-three bushfires from 1965 until 2008, resulting in the deaths of 102 people. Paragraph 2 of the Royal Commission’s terms of reference refers inter alia to the “prevention … of bushfire threats and risks”. The Brumby government ignored the 2008 report for reasons which were wholly political and which go to the heart of the problems we face not only on the bushfire front, but also on water supply issues and on any major development in Victoria which offends the sensitivities of the Greens.
The takeover by the socialist Left of the environmentalist movement in Australia can be dated from the early seventies, culminating in the 1973 AGM of the Australian Conservation Foundation, an organisation founded by Sir Garfield Barwick and Sir Maurice Mawby, funded in part by the McMahon government, and which had as its aim increasing the public awareness of the importance of environmental matters. So Greenpeace was taken over in Canada, its founder, Patrick Moore, was ousted, and in Australia, the Left, having enrolled into the ACF in considerable numbers, ousted the old guard in October 1973, and installed Geoff Mosley, hitherto a recent employee of the ACF, as its new Director. It is impossible, therefore, to escape the conclusion that if we are to make Victoria free of bushfires, we need to reduce substantially the density of eucalypts in our forests and replace them with other species. The picture, via Noeline Franklin, shows the bushfire that devastated Canberra in January 2003 as it emerged from Brindabella National Park.
If the finger is to be pointed at anyone for a lack of fuel reduction burns in the past, then the facts clearly point at the native forest logging industry. The Esplin Inquiry into the 2002-2003 Victorian bushfires included an analysis of prescribed fires between 1991 and 2003. That is the best summary and short history of the broblems faced by Victorians, but sadly also repeated in other states. In fact, the most telling long term statistical trend is that the ~25% of Victoria’s fires naturally ignited by lightning are responsible for ~75% of the annual area burnt. One of Victoria’s worst bushfires in terms of area burnt was in 1851, just long enough after the demise of the tribal aborigines for the fuel levels they had so strenuously suppressed to have built up to dangerous levels.
The biggest rock art study in Australian history may shed light on when Indigenous Australians first arrived.
Australia's highest ever Olympic medal tally ranking was won the very first time it hosted, at the 1956 Melbourne Games.

In Australia, severe bushfires often occur after record high temperatures, low relative humidity and strong winds. Bushfires have long been part of the Australian landscape but some of the worst will always stay in our minds.
The Northern Territory, for example, has avoided fire-related deaths despite the widespread yearly presence of bushfires throughout the state. As far as I am aware no submission or comment following the tragedy of Black Saturday has raised arguments concerning the prevention of bushfires in the future.
The Communist Party of Australia and its fellow-travelling socialists in the ALP were having doctrinal and morale problems. As the Victorian parliament’s report of July 2008 demonstrated, any program of bushfire control in Victoria’s eucalypt forests which has any chance of success must rely upon continual and sustained fuel reduction as the basis of policy. The reason why we have had so many bushfires in south-eastern Australia is because eucalypts, after long periods of hot, dry conditions, become equivalent to large fire bombs, containing highly flammable hydro-carbons which are released into the air above the trees as vapours, where they form a fireball when ignited. Above all, these proprietors would have an overwhelming interest in securing their assets from the destruction of bushfires, and in ensuring they were not liable for damages to neighbouring property caused by their own negligence.
Roger Underwood, an experienced forester from Western Australia, came to Victoria after Black Saturday and was taken through many of the regions devastated by fire. The need and means to prevent bushfires is hidden by politicians of the major parties grubbing for green preferences. There are a range of social and demographic factors at play here, but there is no doubt that the reduction of economic activity in our forests over the past 25 years has been a critical factor in reducing the capability and will to do fuel reduction burning. In fact, they have recently taken control of the Gubmint and are well on their way to destroying the economy of the US, fulfilling this perverted ideology. This has been a significant contributory factor in the over 3 million hectares of forest burnt since 2003. They have been around for an estimated 60 million years and they are a regular cycle in our climate. This year's relatively wet conditions may help keep devastating bushfires at bay in forested regions near the coast, all the while setting up ideal conditions for burning throughout central Australia. Though much of Australia has come out of severe drought and much of the outback is green, this spells trouble for bushfires, as grasslands have significantly increased - providing a ready fuel source for bushfires.In urban areas, fine fuels such as mulch, timbre decks and housing materials dry out in high heat and low humidity, which helps feed the flames. Black Saturday (VIC), 7-8 Feb 2009 Black Saturday resulted from some of the worst fire conditions ever recorded in Victoria.

Ash Wednesday (VIC, SA), 16-18 Feb 1983Widespread drought, gale-force winds, high temperatures and low relative humidity set the scene for a series of fires across Victoria and south-eastern South Australia. Kirner was the leader of the Socialist Left faction in the ALP, in effect a medieval baron not beholden to the Premier for her office.
Although most people who vote for the Green Party in Australia would be horrified if governments enacted legislation to bring about the reduction in population and living standards thought essential by Traynor and Watson, these are the doctrines which illuminate and influence Green decision-making, wherever the Greens have political or administrative power. It is arguable that environmentalism has become the established religion of the Commonwealth of Australia, in contradiction of Section 116 of the Constitution which prohibits such establishment. When our forests are composed entirely of eucalypts, the outbreak of bushfires cannot be prevented, although their severity can be greatly reduced by ensuring the fuel content of the floor of the forest is as close to zero as possible.
Turning the Crown forests into private leaseholds would bring in a very large sum of money, and it would demonstrate to everyone that the new government is prepared to take desperate measures in desperate times and, in particular, is resolved to ensure that bushfires of the kind we have experienced so often in recent years become a thing of the past. When I was back in Australia in April Annelise gave me a spin free, ideologically free account of the devastated aftermath, of all the properties she had to revisit and check, a heartbreaking job, a heartbreaking account. But not all urban areas are at high risk."Menacing bushfires that cause death and house loss aren't universal across Australia," Justin says.
Researchers attribute this to relatively mild fire weather conditions, the state's sparse population and community awareness.While New South Wales, Canberra, South Australia and Tasmania have all experienced devastating bushfires in recent years, it is Victoria—particularly in regions near Melbourne—that stands out as a hotbed for bushfire activity.
In fact the ban on logging in parts of Western Australia, and the closure of timber communities in those regions, for example, was specifically likened by West Australian Greens to the end of Albany as a whaling town.
We know that the eucalypts were not always dominant in Australia; some time in the past eucalypts were restricted to the outskirts of rainforests and various native beech trees (which can still be found in sheltered gullies) were the dominant species. A Royal Commission investigation into the fires led to increased fire awareness and prevention efforts throughout Australia.4. 1967 An unusually abundant spring covered Tasmanian forest floors with litter, providing excess fuel for the bushfire season.

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