For 17 years now, Maverick Entertainment has been bringing you hundreds of the best Urban and African American Independent Films. Make sure to fill out your genre preferences so you only get emails about the movies you like.
Independent movie distributor, Maverick Entertainment Group, has announced they will be releasing newly free movies throughout the year. Hurricane In The Rose Garden - Our best performing black romance movie at Walmart with a comedic twist. The Pastor Jones Collection - The Pastor Jones movies are best know for their uplifting stories and christian lessons and morals. Deceptions of Love  - This African American thriller had one of the fastest growing number of views when the trailer was posted on our YouTube channel last year.

Waters Rising - With over one million views, Waters Rising is in the top 5 free movies on YouTube and one of our best selling  top 10 black action movies. We'd like to take a moment to look back at our top 10 favorite and best selling black movies. Their customs are different, but when love calls, beautiful African American Sade accepts Dr. Hundreds have commented on how the movies speak to their hearts and bring them closer to God. They have become all time Maverick Movies favorites which is why we are giving them the number 1 spot.
It was because of these faithful audience members we chose the Pastor Jones Collection for our top 10 African American Films.

This movie, with African American LGBT themes, tells the story of Roni and Bri who fall into a forbidden love, where lies and secrets lead to the end of their relationship. The list includes some of the most watched free movies on all of YouTube, the most mentioned black movies in social media and the best selling of the Urban genre at Walmart, Redbox, Amazon and more. Each movie tells the story of a troubled character and the Pastor's sermons that help them rediscover themselves and God.

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