Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), efforts are being made to harmonize American standards with IEC61000-3-2. The difference between a transformer and converter is the way that they deal with the wave-form of the electricity. We will be using two terms that describe ways of "measuring" the electricity, or of measuring a circuit's ability to carry electricity.
Most house current in North America changes polarity 60 times a second, which we call alternating current, or AC.

If you put just one of these into a circuit, it would allow every other phase of the AC current to go through - but that would mean that the electricity would be going on and off 30 times a second.
Lionel and American Flyer users tend to call their power supplies "transformers" because that was the most important part.
This way, you can receive news and information from all over the world (BBC, CBC, Voice of America, Radio Australia, etc.) Shortwave is above the medium wave band (in frequency terms), but travels a lot further, especially after dark. If a fuse does blow, you should have things checked by an electrician before using the suspect equipment again.

At one end of the rheostat's range, electricity must travel only through one loop of the coil to get to the wiper.

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