Live has charted the costliest natural disasters in the world, year by year for the last 30 years, using data compiled by the Centre for Research into the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) at the University of Louvain, Belgium. GS: This is because of capitalism, the capitalist way of thinking, and man becoming more and more selfish and forgetting God and nature.
Bhagawan Baba once said, “In the name of exploiting mineral resources you are getting to the bowels of Mother Earth and are destroying them. If you look at Prasanthi Nilayam, the spiritual centre established by Bhagawan Baba, in the ashram you have lots of people who are highly educated in all respects, well-versed in various walks of life, but living a simple life.
I say this because Katrina, the levee breach, the destruction are all metaphors for multiple sclerosis. Also, these disasters were named after a woman since they were more impactful and destructive in nature than the rest. The disaster had led to approximately 229,000 deaths after the collapse of the Banqiao Dam. We bring you six natural disasters named after women, which caused a lot of damage to life and property.
And whether man knows it or not, he is getting into something like suicide in the name of development.
The softer side of a woman is nothing less than a heavenly dream but we all know it pretty well that when a woman is angry and furious, she can be dangerous, devastating and brutal all at once. All research may say that humanity cannot survive and we will become like dinosaurs in the 22nd Century but we have hope because we have a great God with us who has all the powers of the whole universe in His hands.
The disaster grounded airlines, stranding holiday travelers and business passengers across Europe and North America.

In the meanwhile, millions of tons of coal or other natural resources are mined from Mother Earth and are lost without any ecological concern at all and often they are not diverted to our nation's treasury but siphoned off. The coloured border denotes the type of disaster (see key pictured right), and the disasters are arranged in rough chronological order, from left to right. Some authors believe that the way humanity has destroyed the natural environment, it has set into motion a particular process that if on this particular day a miracle happens and everybody stops using fossil fuels, say becomes environmentally conscious and starts contributing with heart and soul, even then 90 percent chances are that humanity cannot survive the 21st Century. Katrina was my disaster, but everyone’s life has been touched by a disaster of some sort.
The costliest natural disaster and one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of United States, was also named after a woman.
Even the so-called natural disasters, if we probe deeply as both of you are suggesting, go down to a cause by human beings. It is such a beautiful bird which is very very important for all of us because it helps us a lot in living a good life. In India when we exploit natural resources, often we mine them without regard for regulation. We are playing with nature and nature is going to bounce back with reinforced power; it will settle scores with you.
Some will be familiar to all: Hurricane Katrina in 2005, for example, and the earthquake and tsunami that led to the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan last year. Cyclone Nargis was the eighth deadliest cyclone of all time and the second deadliest named cyclone of all time followed by Typhoon Nina. Let me quote what he says – “Let us all remember that the economy is a fully owned subsidiary of the environment and not the other way round.

We have the Parameshti with us, the Godhead with us, whose reflection is Prakriti; in His hands are all the powers. Hurricane Sandy has been 2012’s most expensive disaster so far, and the economic impact continues to rise.
Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States. This can be proven by the fact that all devastating natural disasters were named after a woman.
On the right of the graphic (pictured below) are the 15 worst disasters to hit the UK over the same time; perhaps surprisingly the Great Storm of 1987 was also the most damaging event in the world that year. When we hear of a catastrophe, we think they happen to somebody else – “Thank God I live in a safe place and it is all ok here.
All that is to be eliminated from the face of the earth evaporates because of the heat emanating from the sun. In Bala Krishna's leelas, we say Krishna and all the Gopikas and Gopa Balas worshipped cows.

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