Create a policy in which employees are not penalized for days missed when weather conditions dictate that it is unsafe to travel to the workplace. Plan for evacuations, know in advance the conditions that will trigger them, and communicate these conditions to employees.
Secure backup supplier options to call in case a primary supplier is unable to deliver needed items during inclement weather.
It is the recommendation of US Lacrosse that all leagues, organizations, facilities, teams, and coaches develop an emergency action plan (EAP) that includes management of adverse weather conditions such as lightning, as well as other emergencies that may arise. In weather-related emergencies, the solution is certainly not one-size-fits-all since company structures and business models vary so widely.

Create detailed continuity plans and communicate these plans throughout the organization so that employees know what to do when an unexpected event occurs. Keep supplies on hand so that you can weather a storm in the event you are unable to leave. Here are a few tips and examples of contingency plans that employers are implementing to help with weather emergencies.
No employee termination will be fun, but if you plan carefully, and you have the materials at hand that you need, you can accomplish it with a minimum of pain and difficulty. Designate specific personnel who are required to keep the facility safe and functioning, and adopt a policy in which all other personnel should not report to work during an emergency.

Always assess and evaluate any way circumstances may have changed that would necessitate a change in contingency planning.

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