Over the past few decades, the frequency and impact of natural disasters have increased dramatically. Hydrological disasters made an average of 106.7 million victims per year between 2001-2010.
The total cost of damage caused by natural disasters in the 1990s reached over $650 billion.
Aiding those affected by disasters will always be important, but it is even more beneficial to develop solutions and methods of prevention before disaster strikes in the first place.

World Relief is an organization that provides crucial support to those who have been affected by disasters, but beyond that, they are invested in finding long-term solutions and preventing such events from occurring again. Although rare to be captured on video, some videographers have managed to record some hair-raising videos of natural disasters. Enter this community to discover and share news, videos, stories and articles on weird noises from the sky and other amazing, strange and unexplained natural events happening around the world.
We may not be moved to help until we see the need, as revealed by disasters, but the truth is the best disaster relief we can offer is precautionary.

We are there to expose the truth about mystery booms, strange sky and extreme weather events, meteor disintegrations and space anomalies, geological oddities (sinkhole, fracking quakes), magic places, odd animal discovery and behaviors around the globe.

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