A small plane that clipped the strings of a skydiver's parachute sent both the pilot and the jumper tumbling to the ground over the weekend.
A small private plane piloted by Sharon Trembley crashes to the ground after getting tangled in skydiver Steve Frost's parachute on March 8. The country’s Civilian Aviation Authority confirmed reports of a crash, local media reports Rescue teams are headed to the plane crash site as Pakistan state officials confirmed that a passenger jet crashed in Pakistan. The airplane with 127 people on board crashed Friday near an airport in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Pakistan’s GEO-TV reported, citing sources.

The crashed plane in Pakistan is a Boeing 737 which was flying from Karachi and crashed just before landing, the Karachi-based Pakistani news channel announced.
Pakistani aviation officials say a passenger jet with 127 people on board has crashed close to the capital. The plane was taking off nearby and got entangled into the parachute strings, flinging the skydiver through the air and sending the plane nose-first into the ground. Paki media reports according to Pakistani aviation officials state a passenger jet with 127 passangers and crew on board has crashed close to the Pakistan capital Islamabad.

The country’s Civilian Aviation Authority confirmed reports of a crash, the station said. They initially stated the Pakistani Bhoja Air jet crashed as it was landing in bad weather on Friday evening.

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