MEXICAN AUTHORITIES EVACUATED about 5,000 people as Hurricane Ingrid gained strength and threatened to lash Mexico with heavy rains and floods when it is set to make landfall Monday.
This is the second hurricane of the 2013 season and is packing top winds of 85 miles per hour as it headed northwest at seven miles per hour, the US National Hurricane Center said.
Hurricanes are rated on the Saffir-Simpson scale based on their maximum 1-minute sustained wind speeds.
Approximately 90% of all hurricane deaths can be attributed to the storm surge, the dome of water created by the low pressure center of a hurricane.
The five categories of the Saffir-Simpson scale are based on a hurricane's sustained wind speed. Hurricanes are huge tropical storms and dump many inches of rain over a widespread area in a short period of time. Your Needs, depending on your adequate to be a hurricane uses what to gain strength understood by NON not that they had been after him.

Although scientists don’t know exactly how or why a hurricane forms, they do know that a hurricane requires water temperatures of at least 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The Baja California peninsula, including the resort area of Cabo San Lucas, was struck by Hurricane Odile earlier this week.
A hurricane warning was also in effect from Cab Rojo to La Pesca, meaning that hurricane conditions where expected in that area within 36 hours. They said they expected Dolores to strengthen further over the next 24 hours.Last September, parts of Baja California were destroyed when Hurricane Odile swept through the region. NASA can see the formation of hurricanes with the use of satellites that take pictures from space. A category one hurricane features winds of up to 95 miles per hour and does the least damage. Ingrid was expected to strengthen further before making landfall as it makes a turn toward the northwest today followed by a shift toward the West by early Monday.

In the Pacific, the NHC said that Tropical Storm Manuel, also carrying the potential for life-threatening flash floods, should be a hurricane when it makes landfall today near the southwestern Mexican coast.
The US National Hurricane Center warned that they could cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions.
Named for Huracan, the Carib god of evil, the hurricane is an amazing yet destructive natural phenomenon that occurs about 40 to 50 times worldwide each year. Over time, this current draws moisture and warmth into the upper levels of the atmosphere, creating the rotational engine that drives a tropical storm or hurricane.

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