San Francisco is the capital of the information economy, but all too often our city government fails to take part in it.
YOUR voice is needed at a public hearing regarding the San Francisco Public Library in District 11.
I’ve lived in San Francisco over 5 years and had never heard of such a law, nor were any signs posted anywhere informing me of such a law. We believe that San Franciscans deserve a voice in City Hall – and that should include communication with and access to their Supervisors. While we will all benefit by spending a few hours getting ourselves informed and educated on how to plan and prepare our homes for a disaster, it is key to assemble a basic emergency supply kit and draft up a plan.
The city not only needs to educate residents by providing them with access to this information through signs, but city leaders also need to engage San Franciscans to discuss, to share and to explore. Every vehicle in San Francisco can only remain parked in one spot for three days (72 hours) in a row, or it is considered abandoned.

The city needs better signage to inform residents that even with a residential parking permit you need to move your car within 72 hours. One day after work, I got a letter from the SFMTA informing me that my car had been stationary for over 72 hours and had subsequently been towed. The first provides information and advice on making a plan to help you and your family get through an emergency disaster scenario, and the second explains how to build an emergency 72 hour kit. Department of Homeland Security, hosts free 2 hour, in person classes and trainings to educate residents on disaster preparedness. The 72-Hour Law applies to all vehicles parked on all San Francisco streets, even if your vehicle is parked legally, with no other restrictions being violated.
Requesting other accommodations at least 72 hours in advance will help to ensure availability. Parkzing – a free mobile application that uses both street cleaning and tow way zone information, worked with the Reset San Francisco team to develop an app that alerts drivers 10 minutes before a tow zone is in effect and also 9pm the night before morning street cleanings.

Hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns about the hours of operation are vital to making the right decisions.
Yesterday, Reset San Francisco announced the winner of our mobile app contest to develop an automated towing notification system that allows drivers to know when they’re in a tow away zone. Reset San Francisco is California Assemblymember Phil Ting’s online community that’s engaging residents around ideas, solutions and our love for our great city.

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