Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Blake has his own baby version of these 72-hour kits I threw together too because he doesn’t eat exactly what we eat just yet, so here is the modified version. In our other bag that has our water and the diapers also includes changes of underwear and clothing for the whole family.
Your food choices are pretty smart- it takes less energy for your body to digest carbs than proteins, and you could actually live off what you packed for a LOT longer than 72 hours if you had to. I found that I needed to include a mid-grade first aid kit with all sorts of sundries like safety pins, matches, a length of rope and rain ponchos for all, etc. I keep a small version (water bottles, granola bars, nuts, first aid kit) in my car, for two reasons.
An Infant 72-Hour Kit should be added to your family 72 hour kit at the beginning of the first trimester, but no later than the beginning of the third trimester.

Be prepared to breastfeed, even if this isn’t your first choice – it is the safest food for your baby in a disaster.
The most important tool in your kit is a Baby Wrap Carrier (like this one found at Amazon). An infant reacts to trauma as well and will have an increased need to be held, this also mimics the womb for a newborn and is very comforting all while leaving you with 2 hands free. You should review and rotate your child’s clothes every 3-6 months or make sure you are always keeping the next two sizes in your infant 72-hour kit. You can rest assured that you are prepared for anything nature can throw at you.  Now if only that bundle of joy would let you sleep!
Also don’t forget if you have pets in your family, they will need food and water too. Some items you might want to consider, are: a transitor radio, (i found a crank flashlight with a radio on it at a crank flashlight), a charger for a cellphone, extra batteries, a bit of lint covered with vaseline (for starting a fire) and a pocket knife. Ben and I need to get an emergency kit set up – and we need to pack stuff for Huck, too!!

Since you and baby will most likely be together, having your kits in one combined case makes for an easier get-a-way. The leaders from the church I attend encourages it’s members and really anyone anywhere to be prepared for emergencies and practice self reliance.
Go to a second hand store!” so I headed over to Goodwill and found warmer clothes, pajamas, blankets and t-shirts for all of us for less than $20.

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