As advised by Red Cross, it is also important to prepare a kit for each member of your family who is able to carry one. When packing food, water and medicine in the into the kits, it is advised to keep track of the expiration date. Water should be replaced every 6 months. Blake has his own baby version of these 72-hour kits I threw together too because he doesn’t eat exactly what we eat just yet, so here is the modified version. Your food choices are pretty smart- it takes less energy for your body to digest carbs than proteins, and you could actually live off what you packed for a LOT longer than 72 hours if you had to.

I found that I needed to include a mid-grade first aid kit with all sorts of sundries like safety pins, matches, a length of rope and rain ponchos for all, etc. I keep a small version (water bottles, granola bars, nuts, first aid kit) in my car, for two reasons. Older children can prepare their own kits so as the exercise will train them to make disaster preparedness a way of life. Ben and I need to get an emergency kit set up – and we need to pack stuff for Huck, too!!

Remember, each kit should fit (in size and weight) the person they were made for so all your kids can carry their own bag. That’s right—just one kit for each person in your family that holds enough food and emergency supplies for three days.

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