Blake has his own baby version of these 72-hour kits I threw together too because he doesn’t eat exactly what we eat just yet, so here is the modified version.
Your food choices are pretty smart- it takes less energy for your body to digest carbs than proteins, and you could actually live off what you packed for a LOT longer than 72 hours if you had to.
I found that I needed to include a mid-grade first aid kit with all sorts of sundries like safety pins, matches, a length of rope and rain ponchos for all, etc.

I keep a small version (water bottles, granola bars, nuts, first aid kit) in my car, for two reasons. I feel like that binder is identity theft all wrapped up in one perfect little package should someone break into your house and steal it. Ben and I need to get an emergency kit set up – and we need to pack stuff for Huck, too!!

Certified online training
Zombie survival kit
Electromagnetic pulse machine


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