Step 2 – Multiply the number of kits you want by the items listed in the shopping list and purchase the food items from Walmart or your neighborhood grocery store. WHAT we need for the so called 72 food storage emergency kit, first learn how to cook from scratch.
I have started following your babysteps, and just had a quick question about food substitutes for the 72 hour kit. Each individual bag will have clothes, food, water, and warmth items for that specific person. I had a big hodge-podge of stuff in my kits from various times I’ve re-organized them in the past.

We’re Jodi and Julie, two busy moms who like to share what we learn while we build and use our Food Storage. The three-part ebook program teaches you how to build a food storage with checklists, an encyclopedia, and a recipe appendix. We heard a statistic once that if you have 3 days of food and water on hand you will be more prepared for an emergency than 95% of the world.
If you already have a basic kit put together but haven’t pulled it open for a while, here are some ideas of things you can do to re-fresh your kits this week. Here are some resources both from us and all over the web that can help you if you want more depth on any areas or are looking for even more ideas of items to include in your kits.

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Only one stove is NECESSARY per family, but they are pretty cheap so if you’d like to have one per kit that is fine too.
Tape the contents list to the outside of the jug and record today’s date and the family member who will use that kit.

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