A “bug out bag” or BOB is an extensive survival kit and you can grab and go in case of a disaster. If you live in an area where there is a chance of an earthquake or hurricanes then you should have an earthquake or hurricane survival kit.
A survival kit is any container of supplies that help you survive any emergency situation you may be in. A winter survival kit is a survival kit that is usually kept in your car in the event you get stranded in the winter.

As advised by Red Cross, it is also important to prepare a kit for each member of your family who is able to carry one. It can be fairly simple kit you take with you when you go camping that would provide shelter and fire in the event you get lost.
A more comprehensive kit would include supplies to keep you or a group going for several days or weeks. If a disaster strikes while you are at work, a get home bag can provide you with the essentials you may need for a few hours.

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