This 72 Hour Kit includes supplies for all 10 Areas of Survival Needs, and includes nine meals of "comfort" foods to help relieve stressful situations.
Basic Unit: LED Flashlight with AAA Batteries, Sierra Cup, Gel Fuel, Emergency Poncho, Emergency Blanket, Hand Warmers (2 pack), Waterproof Matches, Multipurpose Pocket Knife, 5-in-1 Survival Whistle, Water Purification Tablets, Pencil, Pocket Notebook, 2 Baggies, Garbage Bag.
Having a 72 hour kit that is more or less centered around your climate is a pretty smart practice, I think. Here in California earthquake country, we remind folks that can openers in emergency kits need to be hand operated. If you are making a 72 hour kit you will need 3 gallons of water per person…it is 1 gallon per person per day! Here in Alabama as we approach tornado season, there is a Tax Free Weekend, February 21 -23, for all emergency supplies purchases. Also as a few people have mentioned, the most important, is to make your plan for an emergency, know it and even practice it.

In my family’s kits I have stocked the kids with red shirts to help me keep track of them, and layers in the event we need to use our kits in cold weather. Blake has his own baby version of these 72-hour kits I threw together too because he doesn’t eat exactly what we eat just yet, so here is the modified version. Your food choices are pretty smart- it takes less energy for your body to digest carbs than proteins, and you could actually live off what you packed for a LOT longer than 72 hours if you had to. The bandanna is up there in the lists with plastic garbage bags and duct tape when discussing versatility for emergency uses.
Answering the following questions will help you figure out what types of clothing you’ll need to pack in your emergency kit. That is our emergency binder filled with all our important documents we’d need incase of emergency. Ben and I need to get an emergency kit set up – and we need to pack stuff for Huck, too!!

And for those of you who like to listen to me talk, here is where I explain clothing for your emergency kit without you having to read about it . The leaders from the church I attend encourages it’s members and really anyone anywhere to be prepared for emergencies and practice self reliance. I truly believe that other than the Zombie junk if a real huge emergency happened a lot of people would not have a clue of how to take care of their own family.

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