First, you will need bags big enough to fit a gallon Zip-lock full of food, a change of clothes, and a few extra supplies for each family member. Oh and a finally note, these list downloads are portioned for the average adult, so you may want to adjust them to fit the needs of each family member.
Page ContentIn the event of an emergency, responders may be busy assisting those in immediate danger. If applicable, stock your kit with baby food, diapers, formula, extra clothes and baby wipes.
Spend an extra 5% on groceries per month to accumulate the food you need for your 72-hour kit.

Remember, each kit should fit (in size and weight) the person they were made for so all your kids can carry their own bag. The 72-hour kit holds supplies to support you and your family for 3 days in an emergency situation. Especially in theworld today that is unstable and exposed to anumber of catastrophes and emergency events, itis a necessity to be prepared. Emergency kits of preparedness and survival disaster kits are essential for any individual that wants to be ready. If you cannot store extra medication in your kit, make sure you take it with you in an evacuation.

If you have luggage, bag your supplies and store them in your luggage when you are not travelling. I have even included a list of all the food and supplies you need as DOWNLOADS at the bottom!

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