I recently got an email with a .pdf attachment containing a very nice looking 72 Hour Bug Out Bag List. The kit is now arranged to be The Family Vagabond, or to be super comfortable camping or at a hotel, with some of it in bags or quick grab options to go with packs and some of it pretty much automatically abandoned if the truck gets stuck on a dark deserted bush road 50 miles from the destination. I don’t know of anything with backpack straps, but you could mod a pack frame to hang and select slender Goodwill and Salv.

This Bail Out kit (often called a bug out bag) is insurance that you will have food, shelter and the tools you need.
A Kelly Kettle gives you the ability to boil water in a hurry using very little fuel, so I consider it a must for bugging out. I was useing a 34 ltr osprey excos pack less than 2 lbs a terra nova solar competition tent free standing thats a big thing u never no when you might half to set up in a spot where you cant stake it out .

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