Designed by Medical Professionals to treat up to 15 serious injuries Ideal for Office, School, and Church.
Designed by Medical Professionals to treat up to 25 serious injuries Ideal for Office, School, and Church.
Our lightweight, cost effective, "handsfree" School Yard Supervisor's Safety Kit, designed by a school safety manager, has emergency supplies in the event of minor playground injuries. Our simple, cost effective, compact Student Emergency Kit is designed to meet the basic survival needs of a student for three days in the event of an emergency.

This student emergency kit is designed to provide basic personal emergency response items for the first 4-6 hours following a disaster such as a Hurricane, Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, et al.
Size: 4' x 4' x 84" Well constructed, go anywhere cabana is perfect for a day at the beach, by the pool in the back yard or for any campsite. Perfect for industrial plants, homes, schools, laboratories, welding shops, restaurants, boats, auto repair shops, hotels - anywhere that small fires may occur. We provide professional, superior survival kits for a variety of venues and situations, including homes, offices, schools and school buses, day cares, personal back packs, cars and more!

Special Needs EOC Emergency Cashes & Kits Public Health First Responders Shelters An excellent alternative to our daily bath or shower.

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