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November 2016
Natural Life
Desperately Seeking Summer

We're all looking to hold on to those sweet moments of summer for as long as we can. Try a natural gas powered patio heater so you can enjoy a few more nights outside. These heaters are designed to generate infrared heat, which warms up objects rather than the surrounding air, keeping you warmer for longer. Let natural gas extend your summer a little bit longer. For a list of local retailers, click here
Natural Fact:
Did you know that Canada has enough natural gas reserves to meet current national demand for 300 years?
Referral Reward

Know a family member, neighbour, or friend who may be interested in the comforts of natural gas? Send them our way and if they switch to natural gas, you’ll earn $100! For more information, click here
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Understanding Natural Gas Rates

As a smart consumer, you want to know where your money is going. We want to show you a breakdown of your bill, so you know you're paying a fair amount for what you get. We're bringing better to your finances, and to your life. For more information on the rate breakdown, click here
Community Connections

The 21st Annual NB Spirits Festival - Fredericton

Canada’s oldest whisky and spirits festival is taking place November 22nd – 26th at The Delta Fredericton. The 21st Annual New Brunswick Spirit Festival brings together master presenters and spirits from around the world. Sample an old favourite, and try something new! For more information and to purchase tickets, click here
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Update on Rates

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is a regulated public gas distribution utility. This means that whenever we want to make a change to rates, we have to apply to the Energy and Utilites Board (EUB) as part of an open and transparent regulatory process. We did just that in July 2016, with proposed rate changes for 2017. To find out what this could mean for you as a customer, click here
Simplify and Save

We're always looking for ways to help our customers simplify and save money. This month, we have some tips to help make your bills a little lighter. Learn more here
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You Asked:

Why do we have to pay delivery charges?

New Brunswick's natural gas is provided in an "unbundled" market, which means that the cost of gas used and distribution charges are separate. You may think this is an extra charge, but most other utilities also charge these types of fees, but hide them in the final rate. We try to break down your bill as much as we can to make the costs easier to understand. To see a complete bill description and breakdown, click here.
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