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October 2018
Natural Life
Meet the Deans!

Real Family, Real Savings

Enbridge is using a real New Brunswick family to show the difference that natural gas makes. Meet the Deans! Trevor and Janet live in a quiet Fredericton neighbourhood with their charming 7-year-old-son, Sutter, and their brand new baby girl, Lennon. The Deans are embarking on their own energy adventure, and they're sharing it with you for one whole year. Read more!

Natural Fact

New Brunswick is one of the oldest oil and natural gas areas in the world. The first oil well in Canada was drilled near Dover in 1859!

Get Winter Ready

Get Winter Ready

With winter on its way, you’ve probably already turned on your heating system to keep warm. Here are some important points to keep in mind for the heating season:
  • Replace or regularly clean your filter to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Lower your thermostat by 3 degrees at night or when you are away from your home will help reduce natural gas use.
  • Keep your natural gas meter clear of snow and ice. Check your natural gas meter after heavy snow, and gently clear it using a soft brush or broom
  • IMPORTANT: If your meter is covered in ice, call Enbridge Gas New Brunswick Customer Service at 1-800-994-2762. Do not attempt to remove the ice yourself.
Click here for more on winter safety!

Natural gas supply

New Brunswick’s primary source of natural gas was traditionally Sable Island, Nova Scotia. More recently, New Brunswick’s natural gas supply comes primarily from multiple North American sources, including the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (in Alberta, parts of Saskatchewan and British Columbia), Marcellus shale deposits (found throughout the Appalachian Basin from New York to Virginia and into eastern Ohio and western New York), and traditional US production fields. The gas is transported to New Brunswick through a series of transmission pipes.

Other local sources of natural gas within New Brunswick include liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Canaport LNG terminal and the McCully Field.

The natural gas supply is transported by underground pipeline to the 12 municipalities served in New Brunswick! See our availability map here.
Community Connections

Community Connections

Enbridge loves the arts! We’re sponsoring lots of great performances in the 2018-19 theatrical season. One of the first was JAHA: an electrifying event at Casino New Brunswick by Les productions Fusion Productions combining art, fashion, film, narrative and dance — handmade and hand-painted costumes, incredible stage design, intricate choreography and a thrilling storyline weave together a big and bold entertainment, all in support of Crossroads For Women Inc. — helping women and children transition from crisis to empowerment!

See more upcoming Enbridge-sponsored performances here!
Join The Conversation!

Go Paperless

Go paperless! You’ll be so impressed with how much faster and more efficient it is to get your bills directly to your inbox. Plus, you can download PDF copies of your bills and check your account at any time online.
Sign up for a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan and your monthly natural gas bill amount can be deducted automatically on the due date from your account at your financial institution. Click here for more information on going paperless.

Big on Cozy

Heating your home with natural gas is the cozier alternative because it warms up quicker than alternative energy sources. With natural gas energy you’ll never run out of hot water in the shower, your meals will be cooked just right and each room’s temperature will be exactly the way you like it. So go ahead and run that dishwasher while someone’s in the shower, and live every homeowner’s dream. For more info on the benefits of natural gas, click here.

You Asked:

How can I save on my Natural Gas bill?

For most residential customers, heating your home uses the most energy on an annual basis. For a typical Enbridge Gas New Brunswick customer, heating accounts for approximately 75 per cent of energy costs. If you use natural gas to heat your home and you'd like to reduce billing costs, it's all about energy conservation. In many cases, simply turning your thermostat down by a few degrees when you're not home or even overnight can make a big difference. Installing programmable thermostats is also a very effective way to reduce usage. For more advice on tips on energy conservation, click here!

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