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August 2018
Natural Life
For Rent: Peace of Mind

For Rent: Peace of Mind

By choosing to rent your natural gas equipment, you will enjoy many benefits:

  • No upfront costs
  • Free standard installation*
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Free maintenance & repair
  • The best part is, you can rent for as low as:

Natural Gas Water Heater


Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater


Natural Gas Direct Vent Wall Furnace


Natural Gas Furnace


Natural Gas Boiler


Choose the comfort of natural gas and let us take care of the rest. Learn more.

* Most installations are free but where significant modifications are required, there may be additional costs associated with the installation.

Natural Fact
Natural gas weighs 16 to 19 gr/mol – it’s lighter than air!
(For all you non-nerds out there, gr/mol = mass in grams
per one mole of atoms, AKA, the molar mass!)
Click Before You Dig

Click Before You Dig

Are you installing a fence, landscaping or digging a garden? Or maybe you’re excavating for a new porch or swimming pool?
Digging in the wrong spot during renovations could damage the underground network of natural gas pipes, telephone, hydro and cable TV wires, as well as water and sewer connections.
Homeowners and contractors are required by law to obtain the location of buried natural gas pipes before breaking ground. So before you dig visit to request a free utility line locate.
What it SAVES to heat with Natural Gas!

Save With Natural Gas!

Natural gas is an energy source that saves you money over the long term. But month to month, the savings may not be so obvious on your bill.
Typical natural gas customers saved 21% on energy costs during the 2017-18 heating season!
Fluctuations in the price of the commodity of natural gas throughout the year will not affect distribution rates and charges in place, but they may affect the amount of savings you will experience. If the commodity goes up, your savings compared to last year and alternative energies may be slightly lower and if the commodity goes down, your savings may be greater. Learn more.
Community Connections

Community Connections

Team Enbridge has had an active summer in the community! We participated in The United Way Day of Caring, we installed our famous Comfort Station at countless community events, and had a great day hanging nest boxes with Ducks Unlimted.

We’re going to close out this super summer with our awesome Outdoor Movie Nights with Enbridge and the United Way. Summer isn't over yet, though -- see our list of great communitiy events throughout the province!
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Authorized Contractors

Authorized Contractors

Qualified natural gas contractors perform the safe installation, maintenance and repair service of natural gas appliances, equipment and piping in your home or business.
Enbridge Gas New Brunswick has selected these specialized natural gas contractors as our Authorized Contractors
Residential Rebate Offer

Residential Rebate Offer

Not only does natural gas provide cozy home-heating, but it gives you more control for cooking, and creates wonderful outdoor experiences through directly-connected barbecues and patio heating. Whether you’re interested in making the switch or in adding additional natural gas services to your home, now is the perfect time with our residential rebate program.
How Clean is Natural Gas?

You Asked:

How Clean is Natural Gas?

Natural gas burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel source – it emits 45-80 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than all the other options. In fact, natural gas produces mostly carbon dioxide and water vapour when combusted – the same substances that humans exhale!

There are so many benefits to natural gas, check out a few of them here!

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