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Why We Don't Make Promises We Can't Keep

As a lot of you know, this past summer I ran a 4-hour online training session on my Tax Resolution Domination System and Toolkit. The training was livestreamed to our audience, and I was really excited to do this training. We spent a lot of time planning, testing, and working with the broadcasting company to get everything ready. Ultimately ... CONTINUE READING

Donna and Bill.

Client Control: Providing Great Client Care

In my cover story this month, I discussed what you can and can't guarantee to a client. In today's Practice Corner, I want to take that one step further.

Believe it or not, providing great client care is as important as the result you can get your client! I know that might be hard to believe, but let me break it down ... CONTINUE READING


Roz Strategies Platinum Mastermind group

I have selected the dates for my 2019 Mastermind group meetings. This will be my fifth annual Mastermind, and I'm very excited about the coming year. The returning members have been breaking through barriers and going to the next level! I have several openings, and registration is now officially open for 2019. I'm looking for ... CONTINUE READING

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