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Rockin' in Rhode Island

A few months ago, I attended my nephew's wedding in Rhode Island, and one morning my brother and I were outside our hotel when we noticed that the man who walked out and stood next to me looked like Alice Cooper. As he waited for his car, my brother and I just looked at each other, sharing twin expressions of shock ... CONTINUE READING


Food For Thought: The Power of Intuition

The first time I remember using my intuition I was 5 years old. A friend who was the same age encouraged me to go into the apartment complex community dryer. I was told it would be "like a ride" to spin around. I may have been young, but something deep inside me said, "Don't go in." Luckily for me, I listened to my gut instinct and ran out of the laundry room instead ... CONTINUE READING


Member Spotlight: Jong Lee, CPA, DBA, EA

Jong Lee had 20-plus years of experience as a forensic auditor when he was introduced to tax resolution. As an auditor, he investigated clients' records and multiple employers' trust funds for proper benefit contributions, and he viewed tax resolution as a similar service. "The investigative audit was a large part of my practice," Jong says ... CONTINUE READING

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