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A Better Frame of Mind

A few months ago, Roslyn and I were just outside Nashville for one of our favorite mastermind meetings. You've heard me talk a lot about the importance of being part of something bigger than yourself, where a community of like-minded entrepreneurs get together and can help you gain new capabilities. Well, this group in particular checks that box and many others. The name of this group is called ... CONTINUE READING

Book cover

Food for Thought

Over 10 years ago, when Michael and I were having problems with our older daughter, we were in group therapy with other families in our same situation. At one of the sessions, the therapist talked about not enabling our kids. He then told us to write down the answer to his question, "What is the worst thing you fear could happen to your child if you cut them off?" My fear was so great, I didn't even want to write it down. And that's what ... CONTINUE READING


Member Spotlight

When it comes to tax resolution, there's always something to learn. Just ask Jeff Schneider, one of the true experts in the industry. Jeff shares one of the things he's learned from Michael: "A strategy from Michael's program that we found successful is his threatening letters ... CONTINUE READING

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