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3 Lessons From Kleinfeld Bridal

This past spring, Roslyn and I flew out to New York to visit our daughter. Erica got engaged over the holidays, which means she and Roslyn are in full wedding planning mode. While we were out there visiting, Erica scheduled an appointment to look at wedding dresses with Roslyn at Kleinfeld Bridal. If you haven't heard of this bridal boutique before, you may have heard of the reality show set there called, "Say Yes to the Dress ... CONTINUE READING

Donna and Bill.

As I See It: It Takes a Village

I had a hard time writing my column this month. Not because I didn't have something to say, but more like — should I share this or not?

Then I realized, if there's anything that's universal with us all it's the struggles we face in life. Of course, it's one thing to undertake a challenge when it's a goal you want to reach, and it's another when ... CONTINUE READING


Employee Spotlight: Becky Stephens and
Sue Troost

Friends? Co-workers? Psychics? Yes, yes, and yes! Becky Stephens and Sue Troost, key team members of Roz Strategies, have been an important part of Michael's and Roslyn's lives for many years. As a matter of fact, Becky and Sue were friends with Roslyn long before Michael came along ... CONTINUE READING

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