Roblox - game review

Roblox is a free multiplayer game based on various modes created by the community. The game was released in 2006 by Roblox Corporation, you can play on many platforms, e.g. Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, iPod touch, iOS, macOS, Mac OS, Fire OS. As we read on the manufacturer's website in the game we will find over 15 million modes created by other players, we also have the opportunity to create and send our own. There is a premium currency in the game called Robux thanks to which we can buy upgrades for our avatar (characters) or spend them in one of the modes for special content. The price (in dollars) is roughly: $ 5 for 400R, of course we have the option of buying larger packages in which we can receive from 10% to 29% more Robux. If we create a mode and add premium content to it, some points will go to our account.

The game mechanics itself is different than usual: after registering and confirming the e-mail, we need to download the roblox launcher which is directly connected to our account, then on the site find the mode we are interested in and select the "play" option, the browser should ask us for permission to execute the command if its we will let the launcher start and automatically connect us to the server of the given mode. The game itself does not overpower the graphics, but it is free so you should not expect it, however, this translates into lower hardware requirements which is currently:
- Windows XP or newer
- 1.6 GHz or faster processor
- 1GB RAM or more
- graphics card compatible with at least DirectX 9
- 20GB of free disk space
and of course the mouse, keyboard and internet access (although the game can also be played on a pad or Oculus Rift)

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As I mentioned earlier, there are so many that we will not play most of them. While I was playing this game, I only looked at a handful, it was about 4 modes that I learned in a few days. The so-called "tycoons" in which money collection is so popular are now so that we can buy items that will provide more money and so on. Some of these modes are more extended with e.g. the combat system (PVP) or the option of buying cosmetic additives for our character. The mode that I like the most and in which I spent the most time is: Prison Life 2.0. In the first, we have two groups to choose from: guards and prisoners, guards must stop prisoners from escaping and prisoners from escaping. When the escape is successful, the prisoner will be given a new rank that will allow him to get a weapon, a car and the opportunity to help other prisoners in escaping, but they risk being caught by the guard, which will result in their reassignment.

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