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The last time Jaguar attempted to produce a competitor in the compact luxury segment, the resultant X-Type was a lackluster effort and a slow seller. Part of a product-driven renaissance, the XE joins the brand-new F-Pace SUV and new-ish XF sedan to prove that the folks at Jaguar can develop a successful sports sedan.
When it comes to a redo for its entry-level luxury sedan, Jaguar isna€™t concealing the fact that ita€™s looking to hit the mainstream this time. From first glance, the XE captures the Jaguar ethos and distills it down to a smaller size.
The interior is gorgeous up close, with subtle, straight lines and a driver-focused cockpit. On the surface, the XE's interior design is simple and outstandinga€”a refreshing departure for the segment. Another sign that Jaguara€™s designers are placing the driver above passengers is the tight legroom for rear passengers, even with the front seats set for all 5a€™9a€? of me. The new infotainment system is pretty to look at, but Jaguar's insistence that everything be controlled through the screen is a hindrance to functionality. You could argue that the XE wouldna€™t be a proper Jaguar without at least a couple of issues regarding user experience. Ia€™m admittedly hard to please when it comes to ease of use for an infotainment system, and to be honest, the XEa€™s new unit isna€™t the finest execution in the segment. Graphic quality is top-notch, but the system focuses too much on touchscreen icons for ease of use while driving. Too many critical everyday features like air conditioning and heated seats are buried within menus.
The dial-style gear shift can be a pain, too, making it hard to slot into the right gear precisely from time to time. Expect a couple of ergonomic challenges in the XE, too, like multi-tiered door panels with hard-to-find window switches.
Offering a diesel powertrain as standard is a bold move from Jaguar, but unfortunately, the oil-burning engine isn't exactly up to snuff.
Indeed, ita€™s worthy of praise that Jaguar has decided to offer a diesel engine for the U.S.
Put your foot to the floor, and the diesel XE jogs where its competitors (and the XE 35t) sprint. Engine performance aside, the XE 20d still drives well, with minimal body roll, strong grip, and light, precise steering. Boasting 340 horsepower, the supercharged V6 under the hood of the 35t is a delight, and gives the Germans a serious run for their money. Hitting the road behind the wheel of the XE powered by the supercharged, 340 horsepower V6 is an entirely different experience.
The 35ta€™s engine, combined with the favorable driving dynamics described above, make the XE surprisingly competent on all roads, and instantly competitive with the best in the luxury segment.
The supercharged V6 really brings the XE to life, and allows the excellently-balanced aluminum chassis to shine. By now, youa€™re probably wondering how the XE stacks up against its competition, which is led by the Audi A4, BMW 3-series, Cadillac ATS, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. But at the end of the day, something about the XE just didna€™t feel special enough to justify the price. The fact that Jaguar is explicitly trying to move from premium luxury to the mainstream says a lot about the XEa€™s character, which places performance satisfaction over other subjective measures. Tags: 2017 jaguar xe jaguar xe sedans luxury cars diesel cars Did you find this article helpful? Its arrival also coincides with a seismic engineering overhaul of a concept that’s been doing its thing, with very little change, for half a century. The manual gearbox is a sweet six-speeder that brings almost as much to the party as the motor it’s bolted to.
A BMW M4 (the Ford’s on-paper rival until you factor in price, at which point it becomes the M235i) possesses a good deal more grip, poise, damping sophistication and front-end response than the Ford can summon, but the Mustang is an engaging back-road machine nonetheless. The steering, too, is nicely judged, with enough feel and accuracy to help hide the Ford’s size and its at times floaty suspension.
Come the corner exit it’s simply about how brave you’re feeling with the gas pedal; bring it in early and hard if you’re feeling Light Brigade-brave, or soft and steady if you prefer an easy life. Absolutely, providing you’re happy with a real-world thirst in the low 20s (not an issue in its homeland, where a full tank will relieve you of about ?15, but less funny with UK fuel prices).

At a cruise, the Mustang's a fine place to be - with great seats (sofa-deep and snug but shaped to hold you like a baseball in a glove) and a handsome if clearly built-to-a-price cockpit, pretty refined levels of road and wind noise and Ford’s Sync touchscreen infotainment system. Tick the Shaker Pro option box (?795) and you’ll also get sat-nav and a sound system to die for (or, at full volume, with the organ-pulping sub in the boot quivering) to kill you.
Ford UK has taken some 3000 orders for the Mustang so far, with a 50:50 split between the two engines and 20% of buyers opting for the convertible. Under the bonnet is the 1.6-litre four-cylinder ‘Gamma’ engine found elsewhere in the i30 range but, as you may have guessed, with the addition of a turbocharger to boost power to a relatively modest (in hot hatch terms) 183bhp. In line with the understated marketing pitch, it doesn’t shout too loudly about the upgrades on the outside, but there is a prominent Turbo badge, two tailpipes and new, (mildly) angrier-looking bumpers. A few splashes of red inside (stitching, gearknob and bits of the seats are all scarlet) do a decent job of enlivening the interior, in a slightly '80s kinda way. Although the steering’s a relatively eager 2.7 turns lock to lock, it’s still a bit numb and the i30’s ‘Flex-steer’ variable weighting system doesn’t bring much to the party, with three settings from light to heavy, each as anesthetised as the last. It’s brisk enough, though, piling on the speed more swiftly than you might expect without ever quite feeling properly fast. So perhaps it’s best to think of the i30 Turbo as a bit of a warm hatch warm-up for livelier, hopefully more engaging models in the near future. Pricier to run and less comfortable than the regular i30 without being quite fun enough to justify the compromise, there are better performance-hatch propositions out there. Hoping to redeem itself with a winning performer, Jaguar has come back with the XE: a sedan that looks like an XJ and can sound like an F-Type.
It comes at a time when buyers are increasingly disenchanted by the BMW 3-Series, looking for a fresh option to tantalize the monthly lease allowance. I joined representatives from the British brand in the mountainous region of Aspen, Colorado to find out if the XE is worth the time. A lower cost of entry at just over $35,000 is proof that it hopes the XE will be more accessible to more buyers. The look is unmistakably derived from the larger XJ sedan, with hints of XF about the shape, and a tinge of pre-facelift Audi A5 in the rear. For the most part, it's easy to settle in the XE and drive away, but some of its primary controls could use a rethink.
Any manufacturer looking for a benchmark ought to borrow an Audi and learn from its interface. Jaguara€™s stubborn insistence on using a proprietary system, InControl Apps, is the reason for the current absence of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.
The transmission dial is no picnic to use, either, and ita€™s too easy to slip the rotary control knob into the wrong gear.
I had the chance to sample two of the three variants that will be available at launch: the turbo-diesel XE 20d and the supercharged XE 35t. The EPA has not released fuel economy results for the XE 20d yet, but unless it returns significantly better than the 35ta€™s 30 highway mpg, it could be a tough sell for Jaguar. Acceleration is lightning-quick off the marka€”even in Colorado where the air is thin a€“ thanks to supercharging (why the supercharged 35t is badged with a a€?ta€? is beyond me.
The feeling from both pedals is linear and entertaining, which is on target with the way youa€™d want a treat-yourself luxury purchase to behave.
Blame some of the interior material choicesa€”which stray too far from premium in a reality where Audi and Mercedes-Benz wallop the XE in that regarda€”or the decade-old, hand-me-down styling. Perhaps it's a clever way of Jaguar to suggest that you should someday upgrade to the more expensive XF or XJ. If so, please share it using the "Join the Conversation" buttons below, and thank you for visiting Daily News Autos. After decades spent admiring the Mustang from afar, coveting its brawny, affordable performance and off-the-scale cool, Ford’s heritage-drenched muscle car has finally made it to little old England as an official model, complete with appropriately tuned suspension, the peace of mind that comes with any other dealer-bought Ford and the steering wheel where it should be. So now there’s a cabin you don’t have to make excuses for and independent multilink rear suspension in place of the solid axle the ’Stang had previously used since birth.
The clutch is appropriately meaty, the shift itself equally tactile and the whole process of bringing in the next gear set delectable and surprisingly swift. The brakes are brilliant, the reassuring meat and accuracy of the short-travel pedal giving you the confidence to attack. And so you start braking less and move instead to pouring that week-long bonnet into bends at speed, picking up subtle but reassuring messages from the wheel (at its best in Comfort mode, though you want Sport’s throttle response and fortunately you can pair the two) and noting that while the damping over rougher ridges isn’t the stuff of legends, there’s impressive body control.
In the UK, especially in the winter months, the GT’s limits are pretty low, the chassis begging to shear away as you build lateral load, let alone try to feed in some throttle. Hyundai’s pitching it instead as a brisk but easy to live with warm hatch, and very much not a GTI on a budget.
There’s one equipment level: jam-packed with plenty of standard kit, and you can choose between three- or five-door bodies.

The firmer suspension robs it of the standard i30’s commendably fluid ride quality, making it a whole lot more jiggly, but doesn’t quite translate into fun handling.
Ironically, excellent noise insulation and general refinement levels mean it often feels slower than it really is. Not for nothing is the company ploughing budget into a World Rally Championship programme, nor signed a prominent engineering talent from BMW’s M division to get stuck into a new range of hotter Hyundais, likely to be branded under a new ‘N’ performance banner.
Load up this sedan with options, however, and the price balloons to almost twice that amount. Viewed from most angles, the XE appears elegant, although its low-slung front end does appear slightly frumpy from close up.
Though not quite as luxurious in execution as the most recent Volvo or Mercedes-Benz designs, ita€™s uncluttered and unmistakable for anything but a Jaguar, with one exception: There's no wood trim, and hardly any aluminum or carbon fiber, except for optional accents. Traditional buttons on the side of the display do help, but descriptive captions for which function youa€™re engaging would also be beneficial.
Some material choices are questionable as well: Even on the top-trim XE R-Sport, the seat leather feels inexpensive and slippery, and there is hard plastic on the door sills and armrest that do the opposite of surprise and delight.
A turbocharged, gasoline-powered XE 25t is also available, and it will be the only XE with an optional, 6-speed manual transmission. Youa€™ll feel confident while passing on a tight, mountain road, as I found out after growing impatient of tourist traffic.
The XE duo impressed with style, finesse, and a sublime chassis in a way that no BMW truly has in the last decade.
Will it still feel as exceptional up against your neighborsa€™ recent luxury sedan acquisitions? Nail it and that promise explodes into deliciously linear acceleration and a life-affirming, very mechanical roar that, by 6500rpm, must be audible from the surface of the moon. The Ford never feels savagely quick thanks to that kerbweight but it’s still rapid enough to hose whole lines of slow-moving traffic, leave junctions with a wholly appropriate hullabaloo and make you feel like a sweat-soaked NASCAR hero going fender-to-the-concrete at the double-ton every time you nip to Waitrose.
There are faster, sweeter manual ’boxes out there, and the gate springing definitely feels better in US-market left-hookers – getting fourth when you’re shooting for sixth is too easy in RHD cars – but this is still a great transmission. Team this with a pretty liberal stability control system and there’s undoubtedly the potential here to get into trouble, but that’s as it should be, surely? So the rear seats are 911-snug, but anyone you stash back there will be having far too much fun to care.
If you’re at all tempted then undoubtedly yes – the GT is a hugely charismatic, deeply pleasing performance car with an uncomplicated likeability that eclipses almost everything at its price point. But it is the sportiest iteration of the i30 yet, and one that acts as a stepping stone to hotter Hyundai models in the near future. It’s grippy and predictable but not all that involving, partly the fault of overly light control weights and uncommunicative power steering. When the engine does make itself heard, it sadly doesn’t sound particularly inspiring; more whirry drone than rorty growl.
Aluminum is used throughout the body structure to keep weight down, but youa€™d never know it from just looking at the XE.
Piano black is not my favorite choice of finish for durability and fingerprintsa€™ sake, and ita€™s everywhere on the center stack.
The XE 20d and 35t will be available in all-wheel drive, while the 25t will be rear-wheel-drive only. On the plus side, therea€™s minimal diesel clatter from both outside and inside, except at warmup. The engine and exhaust sounds are unrefined and far from sporty, and the gearing and drive modes could use a recalibration, as well: For some reason, in Dynamic mode, revs stay relatively high, instead of being in the range of lower, usable torque.
If the 380 hp version of the supercharged V6 arrives, which it likely could, the competition will have a seriously hard time catching up.
Before rendering a verdict, I'll need to spend some time back-to-back with the competition, but it's clear that the XE is a new top choice for the style-conscious, driving-focused buyer.
An M235i might be more sorted and ultimately faster on most roads but the BMW won’t elevate every journey, however mundane, into something to be cherished for the undiluted joy of spending time with a car brutal of form and wondrous of engine. Your image-oriented colleagues probably wona€™t even be able to discern whata€™s under the hood.
But you will as soon as you step on the accelerator and find the lack of immediate power surprising.

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