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Contact Select Vehicle Leasing on 0870 033 0532 to discuss affordable leasing rates for all of the Ford Focus models that are available, or visit our website to view all special offers we have available. Lexus Project LS 460 F Sport for SEMAFive Axis is back at SEMA with the new 2013 Lexus LS 460 F SPORT. Lexus LF-A will come alive in TokyoThe super car Lexus LF-A will come live in the Auto Salon in Tokyo.
But ironically, back at the beginning of the 1970s, Lloyd Bridges actually owned a short-lived technological automotive marvel in real life.
With all the radical looks of Ford’s ST range but with the economy and efficiency of any other diesel model. All rights reservedAll prices quoted on our blog are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and are correct at time of posting, for the latest prices please contact usTelephone No.
It was a special Chevy Malibu completely converted over to electric power by Creative Industries of Detroit. Do not be fooled though the Ford Focus ST TDCi Estate isn’t just a diesel Focus dressed up.
Being ahead of its time in 1948, I think Tucker Motors would have become part of the “Big 4” instead of, say, Toyota!
The four cylinder turbo diesel engine that started life in the normal Focus with 148ps has been transformed for the Ford Focus ST TDCi Estate by some clever ECU re mapping and internal changes to achieve 185PS but still keeping the efficiency.
Were that truly the case, the Tucker Model 48 would have been an uncontested success for Tucker Corporation and Preston Thomas Tucker, the visionary jack-of-all-trades inventor behind its creation.
Before he bought the Frazer he showed me a picture of the Tucker 48 and wanted to wait to see if he could get one instead of the Frazer.

Even though its not has fast as its petrol cousin it still looks the part and for the money saving figures you are getting it certainly still performs like a Ford Focus ST should. Preston Tucker was not an automotive engineer by trade, though few would argue that he possessed the ability to comprehend and advise on technical matters. With a background that included everything from automotive sales through race car and even armored car design (with partner Harry Miller), it was almost inevitable that Tucker would someday turn his attention towards constructing a production automobile that carried his own name. As originally envisioned by Tucker, the Tucker Model 48 (named for its debut year of 1948) featured some truly groundbreaking designs.
Alex Tremulis George Lawson penned the streamlined coupe bodywork, featuring the driver in a central position instead of offset to the left (a design that would much later be embraced by McLaren on its F1 supercar).
Tucker’s original design lacked a conventional transmission, too, and in its place a pair of torque converters would have sent power to the rear wheels.
Few noticed that the engine was loud, or that the car overheated while being driven on stage, or even that the prototype lacked a reverse gear. Some critics were less kind, however, pointing out the Tucker’s flaws and even going so far as to call the car a fraud. Tucker had gotten the media exposure he’d hoped for, but negative coverage in the press soon painted the company in an unfavorable light. The Ben Parsons-designed flat-six engine was proving troublesome, so the decision was made to fit production models with a
Franklin six-cylinder engine, manufactured by Air Cooled Motors (which Tucker would soon purchase to reduce supply costs) and intended for use in aircraft.
As delivered, the engine was modified from its original air-cooled design to water-cooled, and its output was rated at 166 horsepower and 372 pound-feet of torque.

Tucker abandoned the complex torque converter design, instead opting for more conventional Cord pre-selector manual transmissions, and a fastback sedan body style (also penned by Tremulis) with conventional seating for six was chosen for the final design. Early in the year, the SEC seized the records of the Tucker Corporation and turned control of the company (which had already halted production, laying off some 1,600 employees) over to administrators.
Preston Tucker and six other executives were indicted on numerous fraud-related charges, all stemming from the creative ways that Tucker had raised capital to fund Model 48 production, or from the differences between the initially proposed Tucker design and the manufactured Model 48 sedans. Ultimately, the government failed to prove its case, and on January 22, 1950, Tucker and his executive staff were found not guilty of all charges.
The outcome of the trial was moot, however, as the damage to Tucker Corporation had already been done. Its factory was gone, leased by the government to the Lustron Corporation, a manufacturer of pre-fab housing (although Lustron never occupied the entire factory, which Ford later used to build jet engines). Faced with a series of lawsuits from prospective buyers and dealers, as well as an insurmountable accumulation of debt, the assets of the Tucker Corporation (including unsold Model 48 production) sold for a reported 18 cents on the dollar. To this day, the real story behind the failure of the Tucker Corporation remains unclear, though many buy into the version iterated in the 1988 Francis Ford Coppola film Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Some pin it on the ambitions of Preston Tucker, reportedly far more of a visionary than a businessman.
Others blame it on the evil machinations of the Detroit Big Three automakers, who allegedly convinced the government that the success of a small, upstart automaker with a revolutionary design was in nobody’s best interest.

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