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There’s no such thing as a “gold” medal, not at these upcoming Rio Olympics – and really, not ever.
That factoid caught even some of those who were put in charge of making the 5,000 or so medals needed for these Rio Games by surprise. The medals given to champions at these Olympics will weigh just over a pound, so to make them entirely from gold would have cost about $23,500 in material, each. Though there are a number of exceptions, it’s not uncommon for the medal-making process to fall to the host country’s national mint.
The gold is certified to have a certain amount of purity and is considered very high quality.
The silver for both the first- and second-place medals was culled in part from mirrors and plates. Second-place finishers get silver medals and oddly enough, so do the winners, albeit theirs are plated in a tiny amount of gold. By taking the silver medals and then plating them in a tiny amount of Brazilian gold, the actual value of the metal inside those metals is about $600. That was the case this year, with Berbert saying it took about two years for the entire process to play itself out – starting with discussions on design with the host organizing committee, sketches, ideas, budgeting and ultimately approval from the International Olympic Committee. Work is ongoing on the medals for the Paralympics, which follow in Brazil later this summer. The silver and “bronze” medals (and by the way, they’re not really bronze) are largely made from recycled materials, which is a source of pride for the team that Berbert represents. The bronze medals are made in part from the same copper that goes into Brazilian coin, so the mint had plenty of that to use in the Olympic project.

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