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A Chicago man who fell behind on his car payments claims that his lender deliberately tried to ruin his marriage then threatened a "sexual-scandal blackmail" scheme to collect, causing his wife and children to leave him.
Borrower Larnell Pillow now is suing Prestige Financial Corp of Salt Lake City, claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress.
It all began innocently enough with his auto lender, Prestige Financial, which specializes in borrowers with poor credit. So friendly was his relationship with his local agent that the two men shared family information. Another problem, say experts, is that the FDCPA did not anticipate new technologies that make it easier now for collectors to harass borrowers.
Other technologies make it harder for law enforcement to locate unscrupulous collectors, who use voice-over-Internet phone services to make their calls all but untraceable.
Asked by ABC News for comment, Prestige responded by email through the chief counsel for its parent company. Complicating things for Pillow is the fact that that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not apply to original lenders, only to collection companies and to buyers of bad debt. But any attempt by Congress to apply the law to original lenders, he says, would meet bitter opposition from banks and credit card companies: "The big banks would fight a hell of a battle. Your credit score will be bad if you have too many debts and your income is too less to repay the debts or even to pay the monthly payments. Sign all the paper work and check if all the accessories that you paid for has been fitted in the car. We are a team of 2 brother, you can call us dumb and dumber if you like, however Max and Spencer are our birth names! NYC Neighborhood ParkingBrowse through our top NYC neighborhood parking guides to find the perfect parking spot. Everything You Need to Know About NYC Parking ViolationsNobody likes an NYC parking violation. How to Get the Cheapest NYC Monthly Parking DealsIf you commute to NYC for work or you're a resident looking for a safe and reliable spot to park your car, NYC monthly parking in a garage might be a good option for you. The Ultimate Guide To Madison Square Garden ParkingMadison Square Garden is one of the most recognizable venues in all of the world.

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He claims an agent for the lender deliberately left a phone message that his wife intercepted, mentioning his secret girlfriend.
This information, says Pillow, was candid--to the point that Pillow, a married man, confided to the agent that he had a girlfriend "on the side," whom he now calls Jane Doe. The agent, to bring pressure to bear on Pillow to pay, eventually phoned Pillow's home, leaving a voice message that mentioned Jane Doe, using her real name. The Federal Trade Commission says it gets more consumer complaints about debt-collectors than about any other industrya€”despite the fact that 1978's Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was intended to protect consumers from abuse.
And so significant are the profits to be made from illegal strong-arm tactics that a collector may reasonably view the cost of potential prosecution as insignificant. They can and do use Facebook, for example, and other social media, to threaten consumers and to contact their families and employers. Some collection companies, to escape prosecution, have moved offshore and operate, say, from offices in India. His statement reads in part: "Prestige Financial Services has not yet been served with a copy of the complaint and is not in a position to address the merits of the lawsuit.
Since Prestige was the original lender, Pillow cannot sue under federal law and must go a different route. West Virginia has been among the states most aggressive in prosecuting debt-collection abuse. A bank or other financial institutions will take your credentials into consideration and qualify you for a loan at certain percentage.

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