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Thank you to our friends at 12th Street Capital for sharing a recently released letter from Congressman Barney Frank imploring the four largest banks involved in mortgage originations to write off second liens they are holding on their books at inflated values.
So, with $1 trillion in outstanding second liens on the books, the question begs as to how much of this indebtedness is current, how much is delinquent, and how much is truly worthless but not yet acknowledged. The larger banks addressed by Congressman Frank are the largest holders of these second liens. I once interviewed for a commission based position with a company that installs thermal windows, siding, and other home editions. Larry Doyle A Wall Street veteran's views and instincts on the markets, economy, and all things financial.

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Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Focus on Frank’s comment that the second liens have no real value but accounting rules allow the banks to carry them at artificially high values. In discussions with those in the industry, suffice it to say, the most optimistic assessment is that the industry has at least a few hundred billion in losses yet to be acknowledged. These banks do have earnings power given the free flow of liquidity provided by the Fed and accompanying capital markets activities.

I am merely searching for the truth in the midst of the smoke and mirrors on Wall Street and in Washington.

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