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Office Space, Warehouse Space, Lab Space RentalsWe also have Small Lab and Small Warehouse Space. 2012 was the second consecutive year of positive absorption of warehouse space which Metairie has not witnessed in six years.
Economics would dictate that such small supply of available space would command high prices, but that would assume demand is constant among all markets, which it is not. This entry was posted in Price Trends and tagged commercial real estate, commercial transactions, new orleans commercial property, new orleans commercial real estate, Real Estate Development by Robert Hand. Posted on January 9, 2013 by Nathan Smith Continuing a trend seen in recent quarters, industrial vacancy rates hover at around 10%. By far, the Austin MSA markets with the largest inventory of flex space are the North, Northeast and Southeast.
Concerning warehouse market space, markets with the largest inventory are the North, Northeast and Southeast. As noted above, for the most part industrial landlords have avoided any hikes in rental rates, which is remarkable considering that the third quarter increase almost equals the annual absorption for the past four years combined.
Various landlords quote their rent differently and that difference can represent up to 30% of the overall occupancy costs for a given location.

This quote is the most accurate basis for comparing the cost to occupy any given industrial property. Metairie competes with the Elmwood market since it is in close proximity, and the result is a ceiling on prices of available space in the Metairie market. Final transaction prices are reported to have occurred on average at 11.3% below the list price.
Asking average rental rates began the quarter at $6.72 per square foot per year, showing a slight decrease from the previous quarter.
This vacancy is expected to be filled by Samsung and Apple, which demonstrates the diversity of Austin’s tech sector.
A “flex” building is defined as a multifunctional facility serving a variety of business functions that may include office, research and development and sales as well as warehouse and distribution uses. It is because of this that we must be sure to get clarification on how landlords quote rent. This obviously varies city to city, area to area, and are also influenced by other factors. If quoted this way, we must determine what additional expenses are related to Taxes, Insurance and CAM per square foot per year so that we can compare apples to apples between different options.

As you can see, it is critical to understand how rental rates are quoted, and to make sure that we are not missing any material components necessary for determining the best facility for your company. Austin’s warehouse space vacancy rates have been slightly higher than the national average during the past two years. If Dell were a steel company shuttering manufacturing, it would likely devastate the area for the foreseeable future. Historically, flex properties have a higher vacancy rate than strictly warehouse spaces as well as a higher average cost per square foot.
The highest quoted warehouse rates in the Austin MSA are found in the Southwest market with Cedar Park a close second. Quoted on a per square foot basis per year, this will render the most complete analysis of cost to occupy. New Orleans commercial real estate leases typically are triple net, with the tenant paying taxes and insurance.

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