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Because of the general definition of annuity, an Annuity Calculator might calculate the future value of a savings investment plan (as many online annuity calculators do).
Each of these questions is very easy to solve for using built-in Excel formulas, which I will explain in detail below. Also, to figure out whether the initial payout (the first annual payment after you retire) is sufficient, you may want to use the Inflation Calculator to compare what you think you could live on based on today's prices to what you may need the first year of your retirement.
In the second worksheet shown in the screenshot on the left, you can solve for the annuity payment, the initial principal, or the number of years to pay out.
Both worksheets allow you to specify an annual inflation rate which will cause the withdrawal or annuity payment to increase over time. As a financial term used for time-value of money calculations, an annuity is the name given to the uniform series cash flow. The annuity represented in figure 1 is called an Ordinary Annuity, or an annuity in which the payments are made at the end of each period. An inflation-adjusted annuity payment, something you might want to consider for retirement withdrawals, would actually be termed an exponential gradient series in finance theory.
The formulas for solving for the annuity payment, annuity payout period, and initial savings are listed below. The Annuity Calculator was designed for use as a retirement calculator, where withdrawals are made each year.
Don't get the inflation adjustment of the withdrawal amount mixed up with the terms variable annuity or adjustable annuity.
As I mentioned at the start of this page, an Insurance Annuity is not necessarily the same thing as the type of annuity I've discussed above. Publication 939, General Rule for Pensions and Annuities at - Details about how to calculate taxes on annuities.
Disclaimer: This spreadsheet and the information on this page is for illustrative and educational purposes only.

21 payment option icons, This set contains 21 icons for popular payment methods such as MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club. To help you navigate the immigration maze, we have created a flow chart that explains the different paths to becoming a legal immigrant. The flowchart contains nearly all paths leading to a green card: employment-based, family-based, diversity visa, and immigration through investment.
A portion of the waiting time can be seen in the visa bulletin, and we publish a graph that shows the number of years, historically, before a category becomes "current." Although visa availability has been the bottleneck in the immigration process lately, there are other steps that can be very time consuming as well.
There are certain "fast" tracks to green card, for people such as immediate family members of U.S. Please select a QTY from above, your Country and Postcode (if you live in AUSTRALIA) or just your Country if outside of AUSTRALIA and click apply to receive a shipping quote in the table below. By that definition, an annuity is a series of fixed payments over a certain amount of time. I've already created a few savings calculators, so instead, I created the following Annuity Calculator to answer general questions related to taking a withdrawal or annuity payment from a fixed-rate savings account.
It is represented as a payment of amount A starting at t=1 and remaining constant through t=n, as shown in the cash flow diagram in figure 1 below.
These functions are all inter-related, based on the equivalency formula below, where type is used to identify the type of annuity (0 for an ordinary annuity or 1 for an annuity due). You can consult the following table for the definitions of the variables used in the equations. These terms usually apply to the interest rate and are typically used to describe Insurance Annuities. For example, if you were to purchase a 5-year Deferred Fixed Annuity, you might receive your payment as one lump sum at year 5.
For individuals pursuing permanent residence, it can be a daunting task to understand all the processes, countless requirements, and numerous twists and turns along the way.

Whether one should go through two or more paths simultaneously depends on the situation, but it is certainly possible. This annuity calculator was not designed to analyze an Insurance Annuity which can mean something entirely different from the finance theory definition. Try the Savings Calculator if you are looking for a way to determine how much you will have saved by age 65 by making regular contributions. An Annuity Due (see Fig 3) is one in which the payments are made at the beginning of each period.
However, the reality is that the withdrawal amount will most likely need to increase each year due to inflation.
Some also spent several years in a nonimmigrant status prior to starting the immigration process. But they too have to deal with all the red tape and road blocks on their way to legal permanent residence. It is thus very important to obtain the latest information before making a decision regarding your immigration matters. Examples of annuities due might be deposits in savings, retirement withdrawals, rent payments, or insurance premiums.
Perhaps more subtle, an Immediate Fixed Annuity might calculate your monthly payment for a 5-year 6% annuity by first calculating the future value as FV(6%,5,0,-100000) and then dividing by 5*12=60 to give $2,230.38 per month. Although we make every effort to make sure the flow chart is accurate and up to date, it can only offer general guidance, and should not be used in place of a consultation with a qualified immigration professional.

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