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In order to encourage low income families to purchase a motor car to improve t heir living standards, propose to reduce the taxes applicable on the motor cars with engine capacity less than 1,000 cc by around 15 percent. The present tax structure on motor vehicles has created an unhealthy disparity between hybrid and normal motor cars. The present practice of depreciating the value of vehicles at the point of import has created many mal-practices, including under valuation of vehicles and changing the date of registration. Before buying a hybrid vehicle, you should think how your battery can dispose without Environmental issue then only true Environmental friendly.
The only people who are benefited immediately due to this TAX is showroom owners who have vehicle in hand.
If I have the power i will introduce a TAX to enter the city limits and cancel all free parking provided through public money.
Images and colours shown are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment.

Interior image shows: IntelliLink RF900 Nav model is optional on the Limited Edition, VX-Line, SE and Elite. In order to rectify this anomaly, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake propose to revise the excise taxes applicable on hybrid vehicles. How you know the quality of battery when you buy used vehicle, it may be loss some capacity if the vehicle is used and less mileage may be not maintained the battery. Same time consideration may be reasonable for who has open the LC other than professional vehicle importers.
Who have money buying the vehicle and making traffic in the road cannot move any where on time. As many have mentioned, most of these people are middle class educated crowed who depend on fixed salaries.
I had to release my vehicle, it was to be 50 lakhs , but I had to pay 59 lakhs for the vehicle because of the new tax.

Newly appointed government had taken such unwise decision to increased these taxes and it is very likely that one of those advices have done the damage.
We all hope that new administration will relook at this decision and finds more effective ways to earn revenue for the country.
After careful planning I though to buy a brand new fuel efficient car for my next 10 years family usages.

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